Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My babies.

Since I told y'all a little bit about my dog, Turner, yesterday, I thought I would share about my other babies that mean the world to me. A little background information before I start, I grew up in a house where there was no such thing as a stray cat/dog, I got bunny rabbits and baby chickens for Easter, and animals were treated like they were people! So here are my babies...

1. My cat, Evelyn Gertrude "Gertie" (you will start to notice a trend - I give all my animals first AND middle names) - she was MY first pet. A friend from a nearby town had some relatives that had a huge farm with all of these kittens running around. I loved playing with them, and one day I asked if I could have one. Of course, they obliged, and I took this unique cat home with me! I call her "Momma Gertie," and she is truly the best cat ever. When Brad and I first started dating, he told me didn't like cats. Ugh oh. You wanna know something? I have often heard Brad telling Gertie how much he loves her now! I knew she would win him over! I really don't understand why people don't like cats - they are seriously the most affectionate animals, plus they take care of themselves! So, here's Momma Gertie:
2. Our big girl, Georgia Dooley. Yes, my husband named her after his favorite SEC football team and a Georgia coach, I believe. Anyways, while Brad and I were dating, we would often visit the local animal shelter, and on one visit, we played with a sweet little puppy who would later become ours. I actually went back to the shelter the next day to buy her so I could surprise Brad. When I got her from the shelter, they informed me that she was a "beagle mix" and would probably be between 25-30 pounds. Not too bad, I thought. Well, a couple of months later, she surpassed 30 pounds and kept growing. And the problems grew as well - she was terribly skiddish, we had a horrible time crate training and housebreaking her (believe me, I have housebroken some dogs in my lifetime), and she would tear up anything she could. We were in quite the tizzy. A trip to the vet revealed that she was actually depressed, and the vet suggested a few things for us - we could put her on antidepressants (for a dog???? WHAT???) or try letting her stay outside for a trial period. So we built a fence around our yard and bought Georgia a big dog house. And you know what? She was happy as a lark! She would chase squirrels and birds, and Brad and I figured out that she is probably part bird dog/hound dog. She is a very loving dog, and I'm so glad that she is happy in her own environment. She loves our new house with a HUGE backyard and lots of other dogs in our neighborhood. Here's my 70 pound Georgia D:
3. Our other cat, Beaufort Bob (he's a bobtail cat), is our other cat. He is from a litter of kittens that my mom rescued. He is my baby boy - and he is the most lovable cat ever! He lets me turn him on his back and rub his belly, and every night he sleeps right beside me. In the mornings, he always wakes up with me and even meows like he is talking to me! He's still in his kitten phase, and he is fascinated with Gertie's tail since he doesn't have one! I love watching them get the "midnight crazies" and run through the house playing! I'm glad that Gertie has someone to watch over and play's Bob:

4. Lastly, is our lab mix, Turner Davey. One Saturday, while I was working at the shop, I noticed this poor little black puppy running around in the streets, and it looked like he was going to get hit any minute. We weren't busy in the store, so I ran out and picked him up. It was cold outside, and he was crying like a little baby. After work, I walked around the square to see if this little guy belonged to anyone. Of course, no one would claim him, and I figured that someone had probably dumped him there. I took him home, and Brad and I instantly fell in love with him. Georgia loved playing with him as well! Since Georgia was outside now, it was nice to have another dog inside with me while Brad was working late nights. Turner did manage to get into things, though. A couple of weeks before our wedding, Turner could not hold a thing down - he wouldn't eat or drink, and we just knew that our baby T was going down. At this time, I was still living with my younger sister (who is a SLOB). Brad and I decided to board Turner while we were on our honeymoon so the vet could keep a good eye on him. On our wedding night, we got a call from our vet saying that he found the source of Turner's problems. Are you ready to hear what it was? A tampon. Yes, you heard me right, my dog ate a Tampon. He had been in my sister's bathroom and had gotten into her purse where she had some Tampons stored. They had to do emergency surgery that night, but thankfully, our dog was better. So, we came back from our honeymoon with a $1200 vet bill. Turner has had other problems with skin allergies and mites. His skin still looks pretty bad, and I have even had someone ask me if he was involved in some sort of fire accident. He's seriously the best dog, and even though Brad and I have probably spent $3000 on him, I wouldn't trade him for the world. Here's my Baby T:

I know it seems like we run a zoo, but each of these animals have a special place in my heart. I only hope that my children will love and appreciate animals as much as I do! I think it's very important that we take care of the animals in our world, and I'm a HUGE advocate for shelter dogs and cats and rescued animals since each of mine is essentially a rescued pet!

Now, tell me about your babies!

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