Monday, May 19, 2008


These are some of my favorite images from our wedding. All photos courtesy of Chuck Arlund -

My wedding dress - a simple, lace, A-line, Henry Roth gown.

The main flower arrangements at the church.

Our flower girl, Tessa, and her sweet button-mum hairpiece.

My parents before the ceremony.

Brad's parents before the ceremony.

My bridal bouquet - my only request was that it had sunflowers.

I love this picture of Tessa - it looks like a painting!

My darling bridesmaids and I before the wedding ceremony.

This picture is very special to me - it is right as I was about the walk down the aisle, and I lost it. My sister saw me crying, and she cried the entire way down the aisle. This picture shows our amazing connection.

I love this picture of my daddy as he was giving me away.

I think I shed a few tears here.

I now pronounce you husband and wife - the kiss!

After our exit as husband and wife.

The bridal party at an old country store that my papa owns.

One of my absolute favorites - I love the way the church looks!

Playing the "kissing game" - I love how happy we look!

Leaving the church in a sea of flower petals.We left for the reception site (my grandparents' barn) in vintage trucks - the bluish green one is my papa's.

Cutting the cake - it was seriously the most delicious cake! I told my caterer that I didn't care what it looked like, as long as it was good!!!

We had flip-flops for all the ladies so you could really dance!

Old photographs of our family displayed in an antique window - I think our family enjoyed this display!

My mom and I collect red and white enamelwear, and I wanted it used throughout the entire reception. We had large jugs of lemonade and tea, and we decorated the outside with fresh fruit.

Our candy bar (using the red and white enamelware again).

A special L and B for our chairs - although, I think I only sat there for about 2.5 seconds!

Our first dance - we danced to "Whenever I see your smiling face" by James Taylor. It's our favorite still to this day!
Daddy-Daughter dance - we danced to "Isn't she lovely?" My beautiful mother. Our beautiful wedding would not have been possible without her.

The entire bridal party - I love this picture.

Another one of my favorites - out in a field behind the barn.

Brad and his frat brother, Dustin, breaking it down. We had an amazing band, Marino Music!

The barn with our white tent - it was seriously one of the most beautiful nights! And they lived happily ever after....


  1. I loved looking through your wedding pictures! Your wedding looks like it was amazing. You were such a beautiful bride! Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!

  2. Your wedding truly was magical! Congratulations on your FIRST YEAR!!!!

  3. what beautiful pictures!!! I love them! it makes me so ready for my wedding :)

  4. ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LENA LENA LENA!!!!!!!!!!! i am so glad that you posted these!!!! HAPPY ONE YEAR GIRL!!!!!!!! what a beautiful wedding oh i just love it. i think i could say that like a million times. you family is beautiful. oh and the one with you and your mom ohhhhhhhh just perfect!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! The pictures are gorgeous!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I loved seeing pictures of your wedding. You looked beautiful!

  7. Lena,
    I was just looking at some of your wedding pictures and they are simply breathtaking! It truly looks like this was the best day of your least so far!

    Happy one year!!!


  8. Oh Lena, I love looking at your wedding pictures. Your photographer did an amazing job telling the story of your joyful day. You're beautiful!!!