Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Help wanted....

LeeLee seeks IMMEDIATE help with updating her blog! Ha!

I am not doing a good job at all with this whole update-your-blog-once-in-a-blue-moon thing! I am really, I mean REALLY going to make an honest effort to update once or twice a month - maybe I will surprise myself and do more! I wanted to give all of my um, say 3 readers an update on the crazy life of LeeLee and here is a picture timeline of the
past couple of months! Enjoy :)
I spent a lot of time at the local farmer's market - I even learned how to snap beans....

We played a LOT of Rook - here was our favorite spot on my parents' porch....
My mom helped me make new pillows for my couch - sure beats buying a new couch!
We went to a gorgeous wedding at Chateau Elan in Georgia -
here we are at the Rehearsal Dinner

And here we are all dressed up at the beautiful wedding!We even got to see our favorite team, the Braves! We had AMAZING seats, and B was even on TV!

We did a wedding flowers for a family friend, Riki Lynne! Loved all the purple!

B with me and my sister, Katy at the wedding....LOVE him!

My mom and I traveled to Knoxville to go to my precious friend (and sorority sister), Katelyn's baby shower! She just had Avery last week, and I was so glad that I got to celebrate with her before the big day! It was a Halloween themed shower, and of course, we had to pull out the <> diamonds <>!

B and I went to ANOTHER shower in Georgia - this one was in the mountains at a winery!

I got to see all my lovely ADPi sisters at Homecoming - here we are at our alumnae tailgate!

My sister helped me make my Halloween costume....I was a GOOD witch!

I passed out candy for our "Trick or Treat on the Square" - there were HUNDREDS of kids!

But the cutest of them all was my favorite little monkey man! I can't believe how big my nephew (Grant) is, and we are so excited about celebrating Christmas with him this year!

So, that's what has been going on in my life! I am super busy with Mattie Mae stuff, as we are preparing for the big Junior League's Hollyday Marketplace! And who else is just DYING to put out their Christmas tree? B is trying to make me wait, but the anticipation is KILLING me!?!!!!

Have a wonderful day - update me on YOUR life :)


  1. 1) You are adorable.

    2) I love your pink dress with the bow in front. Want it. A lot.

    3) That pillow is amazing.

    4) Your nephew is huge!!

    5) Cant't wait to see you Saturday at Hollydays!

  2. YAY! So glad you updated! You are the cutest thing ever and I am with La... the pink dress with the bow! Could you be any more adorable and classy! I love it! Classic look!! You are so talented! Can't wait to catch up again with another girls night!!