Monday, July 7, 2008

Meet Henry Boy Hines.

Meet the newest member of my parents' clan - Henry Boy Hines.

Let me give you a little background information...about 6 or so years ago, my dad rescued their current dog, Hardy, after he had been hit by a car. The vets wanted to aputate his back legs, but my parents nursed him back to health, and he has been the best dog for them! They have been thinking about getting another dog, when my older sister, Megan (who is a Vet Tech), called my parents and told them someone had brought in Henry. Henry was in pretty bad shape, and they had to shave most of his hair off. He looks so pitiful, but I know he is getting great care with my parents! Hardy is such a unique dog, and we never thought we could find another dog that resembled Hardy - I'll let you be the judge...
Hardy Boy Hines

Henry Boy Hines

Couldn't they be brothers??!!!



  1. Wow, they look so much alike! How amazing is that?! They are both so cute, thanks for sharing!

  2. How precious! They really do look a lot alike =)!