Thursday, December 31, 2009


I always get so excited about starting a new year - I love to open my calendar to a NEW year and fill in all the blanks with new dates, and I LOVE to make New Year's Resolutions! I think there is something just so refreshing about starting fresh - and why not add some extra goals to it, too?!
So, here is my list of resolutions - I usually have a ton because I'm just a go-getter type! Ha!
1. Clean my house more often - yes, it is not a fun one, but a necessary one!
2. Write more - write more in my journal, write more thank you notes just because and write more on my blog!
3. Cook more - I need, I mean really need to do this one.
4. Study the Word more often - and not just study it, but make it more of a part of my everyday living!
5. Learn something new - and yes, I plan on using my knitting lessons to accomplish this one!
So, here's to a great 2010! 2009, you were a great year - no big complaints from this gal!
What are your resolutions????

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