Monday, September 6, 2010

Waiting on our Annie...

So, since I have last posted, we had 2 more showers (I will post pictures soon, hopefully!), I had my maternity pictures made by my fabulous wedding photographer, and we have completely finished the nursery! Actually, we have done a lot of things - we have installed the car seat, packed our bags, cleaned our house from top to bottom and packed our fridge and pantry to the brim. So, where's our sweet girl?

Well, it looks like she's taking her time. Today, I am 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant. My due date is in TWO, count them, TWO days! I have been out and about this weekend, and everyone just looks at me and says "WOW, when are you due?" And I love seeing their reaction when I say, "Wednesday!"

I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, but my doctor said not to expect anything to happen on that day. In fact, she will let me go a week over my due date. I have not dilated or anything...and I can't tell you how frustrating it is. I have walked and walked and walked. I have eaten spicy food. I think our Annie Lou is just taking her time - she's going to come when she wants to come, and you know what? That's just fine with me. But y'all, I am NOT complaining at all, but I have been pregnant for almost 10 months. I will try to keep everyone updated when our baby girl gets here! In the meantime, it looks like the name of the game is WAITING!!!!

Dear Annie Lou -
We are so ready to meet you, sweet girl! We want to count your fingers and toes. And see if you have black curly hair like your daddy. We have lots of cute outfits to put on you - I promise it won't be so bad out here! We love you, Lulu! Hope to see you soon!
Love, mommy and daddy

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