Friday, July 16, 2010

Annie's Shower in Georgia!

This past weekend, B's parents threw us a Baby Shower & Cookout at their home in Georgia. It was a ton of fun to get out of our hometown for a few days - we even made a trip to Ikea! I will have to admit, B and I went a little crazy in "kids' world," and we can't wait until Annie Louise gets here so we can take her, too! We have big plans for our office - and a lot of it involves Ikea! Anyways, it was a great shower, and it was really nice to see family and friends that we don't get to see often enough!
There's LeeLee + B aka Mommy & Daddy!

This was one of the gifts we received...a "Medicine Chest" given to us by B's aunt who is a pharmacist. She had taken the time to get us all the important medicines, plus on the inside, she listed all the dosage information! What a great gift!

LeeLee with the two grandmas - SheShe & Mimi!

That's my B, always the jokester! He looks a little like "Little Bo Peep" don't you think? That's a "portrait tutu" my mom made for Annie Louise - it doesn't have any tulle on the belly, so when we take her picture in it, it won't rub her little stomach :)

I wanted to take something for the guests for the shower, so I got these little boxes and tied tags on them...what was inside, you ask? The absolute BEST sugar cookies with PINK icing! They were a hit, for sure!

It was a wonderful shower, and we can never say THANK YOU enough to all of our family and friends! We love you all!

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  1. You are just amazing! Those favors are so adorable!!! And you look absolutely stunning in that dress! Looks like a great shower and a great little trip!!