Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It's gloom-y and rain-y here in Tennessee, and I'm dreaming about the wonderful weather we had on Saturday.

Dear beautiful, sunny, warm weather,
Please come back. Rain showers aren't nearly as fun.
Yours truly,

Anyways, back to the whole reason behind this post - this is my newest obsession..."sugars" from Annie Louise!

And they aren't just sweet kisses,
they are full-on, slobbery, lick-your-face, may-get-some-tongue-in-there kisses.
And I love them.
Judge all you want. I have always loved kissing my doodlebug on the mouth since she was born. I'm sure some of you think that's weird and strange, but I love it.
And I'm going to continue doing it until she says
"maaaaaaaaama, don't kiss me on the mouth. that's weird."

See that yellow thing in her hand? That's her favorite toy these days, a yellow ball that goes with a bigger, even better toy. But, my child LOVES the yellow ball. When we go to SheShe's house, it's the first thing she looks for when you put her down in the middle of all her toys.
The yellow ball.
It used to be a blue ring (like the link rings that you use to hang stuff off her exer-saucer).
But now, it's the yellow ball.

Hope you all enjoy your day...and mamas out there, make sure you get your sugars!

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  1. Everyone loves some good baby kisses! She's a sweetie! :-) It was so great to see you the other night! We have to do it again some time SOON!