Thursday, February 12, 2009

LeeLee reflects on last year...

So, I know that I haven't been very good at posting, but life just gets in the way sometimes!

Things have been very good for us this year - we started the year off with a positive attitude, ready to leave 2008 behind. Is it just me, or was 2008 a bad year for a lot of people? Brad and I both changed jobs, our marriage wasn't the greatest, and I was not a very happy person. Last fall, I realized how unhappy I was and decided to give it all to God. For so long, I had been trying to fix everything myself. I fasted from my friends (crazy, huh?) just to spend some real face-to-face time with my husband and my family. I had pushed them all away, and I needed to rekindle those relationships. So, if you didn't hear from me at all from September until now, you know why!

How are things now, you ask?

Couldn't be better! Brad and I are more in love today than we were the first day we met. We have been doing the Fireproof study at church on Friday nights, and it has done amazing things for us. Just opening the lines of communication has been phenomenal. Every night, we do a "love dare" - it ranges from just being patient, to surprising your spouse with something. But the thing that benefits us is the talking and the praying. God has been rocking our world right now, and I couldn't be happier.

I am also doing the Captivating study with a ladies' group, and it has been difficult for me at certain points. I'm still trying to push forward, but there are things that I do not want to face. The only thing that keeps me going in the study is knowing that those wounds that I am so afraid of facing are not so scary now. Now, I am not facing them alone - I am facing them with Christ.

I have lots of ideas for posts, and I will try my very best to get them all down on the spread the word, I'm back :)

Blessings, y'all!



  1. Yay! Glad you're back in action on the blog. I'm keeping you and Brad in my prayers!

  2. I am glad things are going better for you! Mike and I are doing fireproof this Satuday at NVBC and I am very excited!

  3. Oh, Lena... It puts joy in my heart to know the sun is shining your way again!! Praise the Lord for getting all of us through the heart-wrenching year of 2008!!! I'm so happy you're back in action! : )