Friday, July 1, 2011

9 month photo session!

One of the best decisions I made after becoming a mama was to have Annie Louise's photos done every 3 months.

The second-best decision?

Letting the fabulous Joy Dement take said photos!

Yesterday, we had our 9 month session - we had to re-schedule a couple of times because of rain, but it was gorgeous yesterday! We went to a local park here in our town called, Cannonsburgh. They have lots of old barns, sheds and little houses around, so there were a lot of great backdrops. We usually come up with some sort of prop or something for our sessions, but I really couldn't think of anything this time. Plus, Annie Louise is SO stinkin' cute right now. She's crawling, pulling up, smiling big and making the cutest faces.

So, who needs props when you have the best subject in the world? I'm biased, you know...

Anyways, to say I'm thrilled with the sneak peek is an understatement.

Below, is one of the photos Joy posted on her blog. One word? ADORABLE.

Want to see more? Visit Joy's blog for the entire sneak peek!

Oh, and if you're looking for a great photographer, Joy is the BEST! Tell her Annie Louise sent you!

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