Wednesday, June 29, 2011

patio progress

Yes! There has been MUCH progress on our outdoor patio! Do the happy dance!

I LOVE crossing things off my list and making things look super cute!

So, on the patio, we:
1. Painted the patio furniture - we used a "jade" spray paint - all 11 cans!
2. Put up our umbrella - already purchased earlier this spring
3. Picked up 2 galvanized tubs for planters - one we put a mish-mash of flowers in, the other we used for a few herbs
4. Bought an outdoor rug - on sale, too! PLUS, I had a $10 off coupon! Go me!
5. Planted a few other pots of flowers

So, just to jog your memory, here is what it looked like before....

And here it is AFTER!
(sorry for the blurry pic, it's from my battery was dead, oops!)

I LOVE all the fun colors and how it livens everything up!

We still have a lot more to do including:
1. Cleaning up the landscaping - we are considering taking out that HUGE fluffy bush (in the top right corner) - it's just massive, and we feel like if we take it out, it will open things up. Also, we need to trip up all the bushes, including the one pictured in the top right corner. I think we can take a lot off the bottom and make it look more like a tree!
2. Clean up our water feature and make sure it's working.
3. Pressure clean and paint the patio flooring, stairs and railing - right now, it looks okay, but it's definitely something that needs to be done in the future!
4. Add some more COLOR with more flowers!

What do you think?

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  1. Very Cute! Love the color!I did a playroom clean out Sunday that was inspired by you:)