Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

Well, like a busy mama, I'm over a week late posting about our Easter weekend....oops!

We had a beautiful and amazing weekend full of Easter egg hunts, lots of baskets, tons of candy and family time a-plenty!  Easter is one of my favorite holidays - celebrating our Lord and Savior's everlasting love and promises for us!

Easter Sunday started our at good ole Bigbyville Church - this is the same church that B and I got married at, and I pretty much grew up going to this church with my grandparents.  They had an egg hunt before church, then we went to the service with my Papa.  Annie Louise left after the tithe because she's not used to actually sitting in church.  At one point during the service, I could hear her sqealing and screaming in their fellowship hall.  She's definitely a wild child.

In the span of a few hours of Easter Sunday, we bumped our cheek (and got a big bruise), fell down and skinned our knees, and skinned the back of our legs going down the concrete stairs.  I was afraid someone was going to call Child Services and alert them that a toddler was being abused.  Sheeesh!

Anyways...here's our day in pictures!

Annie Louise with her Easter basket from the Easter Bunny...LOTS of fun goodies!  And pretty sure he stopped at everyone's house with even more goodies!

We actually got a decent family picture this year....except for the fact that I'm incredibly pale!

Look at my sweet girl in her sweet dress!  She looked absolutely precious!

Yeah, this is like the best pic I got of AL with Great-Granny (GG) and Great Papa.  My Granny had surgery a few weeks ago, and she was still recovering.  Papa spent the morning with us at church...love my grandparents!

The smile and the curls are almost too much for this mama's heart.  I love that little face!

Time to hunt MORE eggs...she was definitely a pro by this time!  I was so proud of her picking up all the eggs and putting them in her basket!  Such a BIG girl!


We sang lots of songs and did lots of dancing...love my active little gal!

Grant-man came over to hunt eggs, too!  They have such a great time together!

And then the day started to fall apart....oh, the tears!
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday!

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