Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shower thoughts...

I've had a lot of random things on my mind lately, could be why I've been over-sleeping by 10 or 15 minutes in the morning and just can't seem to get a good night's rest.

Some the things going through my head....

1. I'm still trying to come up with a way for us to get to the beach sometime soon.  I think I have definitely earned a vacation - even if it's just for a long weekend.

2. I'm have been really proud of myself for keeping up with our church's "read the Bible in a year" program.  Every morning, I listen to the daily reading - I really like listening to it.  I'm all the way to Joshua right now, which is further than I've ever gotten before.  I can't wait to get to the end and be able to say that I've been through the whole Bible!

3. I want a closet make-over.  Like my actual closet.  I have the tiniest closet, and it is jam-packed with clothes.  There are 2 racks, and they meet in the corner, which makes for an even bigger mess.  I really need double racks on each side - one for tops/dresses, one for pants.  I want something nice to hold all of my shoes, too.  Oh, to have a functional closet!

4. Speaking of closets, I am going to try and "flip" my closet this weekend to spring/summer things.  This is always such a pain to me, and usually when I do it, the weather changes!  But, I have already pulled all of AL's fall/winter/too small things out of her closet and started hanging up new clothes (because we literally did not have anything)!

5. I'm going to go through all of the bins of AL's clothes tonight.  I have not sold/donated/gotten rid of anything of hers.  Every time I would go through her closet, I would just box everything up.  Literally, I have half a dozen large utility totes that need to be sorted through.  I know there are some pieces that I want to keep for future babies, but most of the stuff is probably not necessary to keep!  Wish me luck!

6. I have Good Friday off - YAY!  I'm actually super excited about my day off because AL and I are going to a local farm for an Easter celebration, and one of my favorite mama friends and her daughter are coming, too!  That's something I miss terribly about staying at home - AL and I were always catching up with our friends and having lunch dates.  I miss those times....but I am excited about PAID holidays that I can spend with special friends!

So, there you have it friends - all of my random thoughts!  What are you thinking about this week?

And just because I think she's too cute for sweet doodlebug!  Eating a thumbprint cookie
(which coincidentally, mama ate a million of those when she was pregnant!)

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