Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vlogging...I love it!

So, here I am another shot at vlogging!  I actually prepared somewhat this week - woot woot!

I will warn you, I went over the 4 minute mark (ooops, I like to talk) - but I have to admit, I'm really liking this whole vlog thing!  I hope you'll come back again next week!

Mentioned in today's vlog:

Stella & Dot Marchesa Necklace - see it on my website HERE!  (Nina, don't you LOVE it?! - I totally thought of you when it came in)

Erin Condren Life Planner - available HERE!  And they are on sale - try it out and see if you like it!

Joy Chambers Photography - I really didn't do very well showing y'all her work.  My house is seriously covered in photos from this gal. If you live in the middle Tennessee area, and you need a photographer, PLEASE check Joy out!  She is the best, and we love her so!  She did Annie Louise's first year of photos, she took photos of AL's first birthday party, she did my sister's wedding photos and she did our Christmas card photos.  Girl is a part of our family - for real!  See her website HERE and her blog HERE!


  1. Thanks for the shout out and making me want to spend money!! So sweet that you thought of me- that necklace is definitely something that I LOVE! I need to talk to you about hosting an online party :) I'm glad you vlogged again this week. You have the sweetest voice! I could listen all the time.

    1. You totally were the first person I thought about when I got that necklace in! Yes, we need to talk soon about you having a party - I would be happy to ship you a "trunk show in a box" if you wanted to do something at your house, too! Thanks for the comment about my voice, I am LOVING doing the vlogs - makes me loves Wednesdays even more! :)