Monday, August 27, 2012

Girls Craft Brunch

Do you have a circle of gals that know you better than anyone else?

If you don't, I suggest you go out and find a group right now.  For real, don't waste any time - go find one!

My group of gals consist of Megan, Lauren, Meagan, Betsey & Courtney.  We are all mamas - some of us are new mamas, some of us have little ones entering kindergarten.  We love to talk...and eat.  Yes, food is essential.  Throw in some mimosas, and you've really gotten our attention. 

We love to get together every few months and hang out and socialize.  Our craft get togethers started because we wanted to have time to gab and make something creative.  We've been rotating hostesses for almost a year, and I love this girl time.

This time was Lauren's time to host, and she pulled out all the stops.

Food, glorious food......

drinks + stripey straws (c'mon, it's a girly party)!

 Our set-up for crafting and chatting....

Courtney (and Benjamin) + Meagan + Lauren + Betsey + Megan = busy, busy gals

Sometimes, our little people get to join in the's precious Benjamin!

and adorable Ava Grace...seriously, those little toofers!

 Here's what we created...fabulous post-it note holders!

And here's the whole these gals with all my heart!

So, if you have a group of gals that you love to spend time with, I highly suggest having a girls craft day - make it brunch or dinner or just drinks.  Peruse pinterest, find a fun craft and plan away!  You'll have a great time, I promise!

And to my precious gals - I love each of you very much, and I can't wait to have fun again!

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  1. I love that you started this tradition! I enjoy getting to spend quality time with you and each of our gals so much!! :-) And every time I look at one of our crafts I think of each of you!!! :-)