Monday, August 13, 2007

God is GOOD.

I keep telling myself this over and over - GOD IS GOOD!!!

Things have really been changing in my life lately - but all for the better!

We (at United Way) hired a new Director of Campaign and Communications in July - well, last Monday, she turned in her letter of resignation! Things were just not working out with her, and she felt like she should just step down before she got too involved in things. Well, I had been feeling like I needed to talk to my boss about adding some duties to my job description - basically, I was wanting to work more with marketing and communications because that's my real passion. It is, after all, what I went to school for. God was really pressing me to talk to her about it. So, after Jessica turned in her resignation, I felt like this was the right time.

And boy, was it! My boss was so incredibly excited that I wanted to become more involved with marketing. So, I now have TWO titles - Director of Project PASS and Director of Marketing and Communications! I am so excited about learning new things and challenging myself each day. God is so good to me.

'Til later, y'all!

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