Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sleepwalking nightmares???

I thought I would leave a funny post to lighten up your day - funny for you, but not so funny for me....anyways, when I was younger, I used to do a lot of sleepwalking. I mean a lot. I always dreaded whenever my parents would have company over, and they would stay the night. Wanna know why? Because, I would most likely embarass myself. I can remember one instance when some of my dad's old baseball buddies spent the night at my house. They stayed in my bedroom, and I slept with my younger sister, Katy. I, of course, do not remember this at all, but apparently, late in the night, I went to my old bedroom and begged the man to let me get in the bed with him!!! I must have been about 8 years old, and it was quite the embarassment to hear about it at the breakfast table the next morning.

Anyways, I have not done any sleepwalking in the past several years, but for some reason unknown, it re-occurred last night. Brad had to go over the scenario for me this morning because I had no idea what happened. Apparently, last night, I threw the covers off and jumped out of the bed, ran straight to the television and turned it off (we always fall asleep with the television on - a habit I'm trying to break), Brad then said he heard me walk straight into the bathroom door frame with a loud THUMP. I then remember feeling this AWFUL pain - in my nose. Brad ran to me to make sure I hadn't broken my nose. It was the worse pain I've ever felt. I didn't get much sleep after that, and I awoke to a swollen nose and two black eyes this morning. And it still hurts - badly.

What a great way to start my day. I may just keep my sunglasses on all day.

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