Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Annie Louise is 21 months old!

my friend, Lauren, took this picture at Jack's birthday of my favorites!

Annie Louise – 
You are growing like a weed.  

Your development is off-the-charts-crazy.  You are repeating everything we say, which is making us watch our words carefully.  
You can almost say your ABC’s – you usually need a little help around “Q, R, S…”  You are so close!
Counting is just as fun – “one, two, four, seven, nine, TEN!”
And would you believe that you can ALMOST spell your name!  “A, N, I, E! Annie!” is what we usually hear as you “write” your name on your magnadoodle.
In my eyes, you are the smartest little toddler I have ever known.
open mouth kisses are the best!
You love singing.  I love to just sit with you and go through the roll of all the songs we sing – and believe me, there are a bunch.  I have even started pulling songs out of my old school VBS hat to teach you.  Currently, you love “I’m in the Lord’s Army”…the way you say “YES, SIR!” is too cute.
may not love water, but I sure do love my floats!
We have been having a little difficulty in the temper tantrum department.  Lots of “NO!” and screaming and crying when you have to do something you don’t want to do, or when we’re trying to keep you from doing something dangerous.  That wears on mama, but I just tell myself it’s a season in our life (and yours) and soon you will understand.
swingin' - a favorite activity!
You are slowly getting used to the things of summer – just like everything else in your life, we just have to let you do it at your own time.  You hated swimming and the pool at first, but now you scream when it’s time to get out.  You are quite the little fishy.  And the sandbox at SheShe and PopPop’s is quickly becoming one of your favorites, too.
out like a light....
You love to be outside, and it’s one of the first questions you ask when you finish eating breakfast.  You turn your head to the side and lift your little hands up and shrug and ask “outside?”  How can I say no when you ask in such a cute way?
riding in the golf cart at SheShe & PopPop's!
You are teaching me so many things, doodlebug.  I want every day to be full of wonder and amazement for you, because you deserve that.  You are absolutely precious to our family, the shining star in our lives.  
Love you so much,


  1. I absolutely LOVE that picture of her in the hat! Gorgeous!

  2. So precious! the picures are all so sweet,especially that first one!

  3. such a pretty blog LeeLee!!! i am a new follower :) so excited about being roomies at influence!