Thursday, June 28, 2012

a beach vacation to remember!

So, we headed down to the Gulf Coast for a few days last week, and it couldn't have come at a better time!  We decided earlier this spring that we wanted to go to Destin for a few days as a family of 3.  We haven't had a family vacation since Annie Louise was born, so to say it was needed is an understatement.

We had an amazing time...that is until Tropical Storm Debby showed up.  Good thing she didn't show up until our last full day on the beach, because trying to entertain a toddler in a hotel room while it's pouring rain outside is HARD WORK. 

All in all, it was a great few days, and we are blessed that we were able to vacation together!

Here are a few pictures from our beach vacation!  Follow me on instagram (@lenawarnock) to see some more pictures, too!

Testing out the beach when we got there...and good thing, we LOVED it!

and we had breakfast with a special friend, Julia!  AL wanted to touch her, of course!

LOVE meeting my favorite glad we were able to meet up with Molly

someone LOVED the beach, especially at night when it was cooler and less crowded!

playing "ring around the rosie" 

here's a look at our friend, Tropical Storm Debby.
This is when I realized we weren't spending our last day at the beach!

at the Gulfarium waiting for the sea lion show...and it was windy!

TS Debby was really getting wild here!  Look at those waves!

Annie Louise waving BYE BYE to the beach!  We'll be back soon!


  1. What a great vacation! At least Debby didn't come until the very end. So glad Julia and I were able to meet you and AL! What a sweet family you have.

  2. We are headed to the panhandle tomorrow and I cannot wait!