Friday, April 11, 2008


Since I'm having a stressful week (see post below), I decided to have a little fun for a bit and participate in Big Mama's Fashion Fiesta!

Let's get started...

This is one of my favorite suits, which is what I usually wear to work everyday when I am in the office. This suit is my favorite - my parents gave it to me for Christmas. (I don't usually wear a hat, though, that's just me playing around! Ha!)

This is what I wear when I'm doing a workshop or some sort of outreach for United Way - United Way oxford with khakis. That's me and my sweet husband at a Back to School Bash last August.

During the spring and summer, when I'm not working, I love to wear oxfords and khakis - you can never go wrong with that!

Another example of my summer outfit - notice my LONG hair????

I buy a lot of my clothes from TJ Maxx and Marshall's (you can get great stuff for a fraction of the cost) - this is what I wore for St. Patrick's Day - a fun gingham top with a splash of green - I LOVE green! P.S. - I got both tops from TJ Maxx!

This is my favorite favorite favorite outfit for spring and summer - it's a cool linen top with white linen pants. I seriously wear this ALL the time! Another TJ Maxx find! (My husband snapped this picture while I was in the mecca known as Vera Bradley!)

I do love to wear dresses, though! This is my favorite "little black dress" (I'm on the left) - this is what I wore when I was a door knocker this past year for sorority recruitment - I seriously could dedicate a whole post to being a door knocker. That's my sweet friend, Chloe - we share a love for all things vintage and Audrey Hepburn - I definitely think she looks way cuter than me!

This is another favorite dress I have for spring and summer (a Marshall's find)...

But this dress was my all-time favorite EVER - my bridal gown. I could seriously wear my bridal gown every single day - I love it so much!

Now, if I didn't have a tight husband who would let me purchase whatever I wanted (no searching through TJ Maxxx), here's what I would buy...

I would buy this dress from Lily - love pink!

This suit from J. Crew - pink again!

And this outfit from Ann Taylor.

Oh, to have no budget! can find me a TJ Maxx any day of the week!


  1. Oh my goodness! I love, love, love the first suit that you got for Christmas! So cute!
    Love your style, and also love TJ Maxx and Marshalls!

  2. You have a really great preppy style!!!! So classic!
    I love that lacy black dress you are wearing at your sorority recruitment. LOVE IT!
    And of course - your wedding dress was beautiful!

  3. ok I love it all and would wear it all!!!!! you are so CUTE!!!!!!

    the white pants and shirt with pink or maybe it was coral???????? anyway....i love IT!!!!!!

  4. You have great taste! I love going to TJ Maxx & Marshalls and walking out with bargains :)

  5. You have some of the cutest outfits! I love the cream and blue striped dress!

    Enjoy your weekend!


    look at my blog to see what to do :)

  7. You're adorable! And you have great taste in clothes. :-)

  8. Love your wedding gown! It's absolutely gorgeous! There needs to be a day where it's not looked upon as crazy to pull out your wedding dress and wear it again.

  9. The suit, the hat, and you - - - what can I say? Looks retro - - - - in the BEST possible way.

    Love the whole post - - - but that first picture ROCKED.

  10. Cute clothes and haircut! I enjoyed stopping by! I hope you can drop in on my fashion fiesta!

  11. Great clothes! TJ Maxx and I are good friends!

  12. Very cute. I am glad that I dopnt like shopping...I really don't like it!

  13. You really are positively PRECIOUS! I love the pictures :)

    I'm scared about having a husband who would put me on a budget...eeks!

  14. I LOVE TJ Maxx, too! Such a great store...and for more than clothes! You are adorable and classy...very much like Audrey!

  15. Your wardrobe is adorable. I used to love to shop at Marshalls and T.J. Maxx too, before kids. Now I just don't have the time to sort through all the stuff.

    Thanks for sharing your cuteness with us!

  16. You have really cute style. Love all your outfits...especially the white linen pants and coral(?) top and your dresses are darling!

    I also love your suit...very classy!

  17. I love finding stuff at TJ Maxx. You have some really darling things!