Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New shoes.

I finally picked out a dress for the tea - I got a cute yellow and green spring dress, but I was stressing about the shoes. But I didn't stress long, because I found the cutest green and white gingham shoes (pictured below). They are going to look so cute with my dress - I can't wait until next week!

Here are my new favorite shoes - I'm breaking them in today! I seriously love these shoes!
I've been playing with my blog template this morning, but I have learned that I know nothing about html and all that computer jargon. I really want to change my fonts, but I have no idea how to stray away from the standard blogger fonts. Does someone know how to do it easily? I really want a new background and blog "makeover" - that's one thing on my list to get someday. But today, I'll just get by with a few color changes! Ha!

Praise the Lord, this has been a wonderful week! My sweet husband started his new job in Nashville last week - he has to leave really early in the morning, but he gets to come home early, too! He put in his notice at his second job (he worked a few nights a week), and I have LOVED having him home with me every single night! I do miss him in the mornings, though :( We always got ready together, but at least I get him all to myself when I get home!

I'm so ready for the very best friend, Diane, is graduating from college! She is having a graduation party on Saturday night, and I can't wait! I'm trying to decide what to get her for graduation - did y'all get anything that you just LOVED? One of my friends got me a cute green business card holder with some adorable social cards - it was seriously my favorite gift. Diane is graduating with a degree in fashion merchandising, and I'm just drawing a blank!

Diane has been my best friend since kindergarten, and I'm so happy for her - here we are at a Christmas party this past year...

I hope you are all enjoying your week! Only 1 week and a day until the High Tea event! I cannot wait!!!!!!

Blessings, y'all!


  1. Where did you find those shoes?!?! Too cute!

  2. Love the shoes! Where did you find those? I love the adorable!

  3. CUTE shoes! You're going to look adorable in them :)

  4. Adorable shoes!

    My mom recently gave me a Tiffany & Co business card holder for my purse. I love it.

  5. TOO CUTE!!!!!!!! Love the shoes!!! And the blog's new color scheme is so springy - love it!

  6. ooooooooooo your toes look great!!!! great polish color!!!!

    ok so i am shocked to see the new layout. who did your other background????