Sunday, June 26, 2011

Adventures in spray painting...

Well, more progress is being made at our house. B and I are LOVING sprucing everything up and making everything more "us."

I decided on Friday night that it was cool enough outside that I would attempt to start spray painting our patio furniture. We have some hand-me-down rod-iron patio furniture that was given to us by my great-aunt. It was kind of a hunter green when we got it, we couldn't decide what color to paint it, so we decided on black (it's easy).

It's been sitting on our lonely patio for about 3 years now, and it needs some color in its life!!!!!

Excuse the blurry picture below (I took it on my phone) - but TA-DA!!!!!

After a bit of cleaning off (notice the bird poop on the black one?) - they were ready to spray! It took me 2 whole cans of spray paint to cover ONE chair. Stupid me only purchased two cans of spray paint to begin with....looking back, did I REALLY think only two cans would cover four chairs and a table?!????

That's mommy brain for ya.

Anyways, I'm THRILLED with the turnout and color, and I think our bright orange umbrella is going to make the perfect combination!

I was so excited about the color, that I was actually outside at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning spraying another chair....I don't even want to know what the neighbors think of me!

Oh, I forgot to mention that my sweet hubby went out on Friday night and purchased 11 (!) cans of spray paint! Hey, it's better than buying a whole new set of furniture, right?

We also purchased a two galvanized tubs and planted a few flowers and a little herb garden, too! I'm excited to finish painting the furniture so we can get our umbrella out and enjoy some summer evenings outside!

Anyone else sprucing up their outdoor living?