Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The skinny...on being skinny.

Okay, this is going to be my "rantin' and ravin'" blog post.

I'm healthy. I eat (a lot). And I'm still breastfeeding. And plan to for the first year, at least.

No, I'm not sick. I'm not starving myself. I'm not trying to lose weight.

So, if you are worried about me, please don't.

When I got pregnant, I weighed right around 130 pounds. It was the holiday season, and I had put on a little extra weight from all the glorious food - chicken and dressing with extra gravy? Yes, please. Usually, I'm between 120-125 pounds. I think when I went in for a pregnancy confirmation at the doctor's office, I was right at 130.

And I gained a good bit of weight, too. Well, after I was through the first 25 weeks of all-day-sickness. Yes, it lasted around 25 weeks for me.

Anyways, I kept gaining right up until Annie Louise was born. I think at my last check-up appointment which was on my due date, I was right at, or a little over 165 pounds. So, all in all, I gained around 35 pounds - I'm 5' 4", so that was pretty average weight gain for my height.

See picture below that was taken on my actual due date - 40 weeks preggers.

Side note...Boy, do I miss being pregnant! I know y'all probably think I'm joking, but aside from the morning sickness, I LOVED being pregnant! LOVED having people ask me my due date, loved having people dote on me, loved eating for 2, loved having those nightly foot rubs by B.

When Annie Louise was born (all 9 pounds, 2 ounces of her), I was in my maternity jeans for about the first week after her birth. Then, I was back in my pre-pregnancy jeans.

Breastfeeding is the best diet, y'all. Especially if you have a BIG baby that nurses non-stop.

You eat MORE than you did when you were pregnant - well, at least I did.

And the weight came off.

And off, and off and off some more.

Right now, I weigh 105 pounds. Yes, you read that right, 105 pounds.

I don't think I have weighed that amount since 5th grade. I used to have a booty, hips, curves.

And they are gone. I have no butt, no hips and the only curves are my breastfeeding twins.

So, a lot of people - pretty much every single day - say something about my weight. People have expressed concern to my parents, family and friends.

"Is there something wrong with LeeLee? Is she eating?"

No, there is NOTHING wrong with me. I'm basking in the glory of the diet known as breastfeeding.

Will the weight come back?

I'm sure it will. But for now, I'm going to enjoy my extra-large bowl of ice cream. With chocolate sauce. AND peanut butter sprinkles. Thank-you-very-much.

The bad thing about my weight (and loss of butt and hips) is that NONE of my clothes fit. I had been hanging on to a ton of stuff thinking that my weight would come back once Annie Louise started solids. Not happening.

So, this weekend, I decided to go through my entire closet (which by-the-way, was piled up about 4 feet tall with clothes, oops) and try on every single thing. If it fit (and I knew I would wear it), I kept it. If it was too big (or not my style anymore), then it went in a pile for the consignment store. Usually, I donate all my stuff to Goodwill, but there are quite a few good pieces in there, and I need to try and make some $$$ on it so I can buy some new things.

Here is my pile of stuff to consign....all clean, pressed and on hangers!

I know that not everyone experiences the kind of weight loss I did with breastfeeding. Everyone is different. And it may not happen with our next baby, who knows!?

But I do know that I am healthy and loving being a breastfeeding mama in this season in my life!

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