Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm so over my house.


We have been in this house for nearly 4 years. And I'm dying for some changes. I guess it started when we began decorating Annie's nursery last year. It was the first room in our house that we painted since moving in. When we bought our house, it was pretty much move-in ready for us, so we didn't do any painting/changing at all.

And now, I'm ready for it.

So, we changed our tiny office into a sweet nursery. Then, we changed our guest room/office/catch -all-room into a playroom/office. And I LOVE both rooms. In fact, Annie's nursery is probably my favorite room in the whole house. And coincidentally, it is the only room in the house that I don't want to make any changes to besides organizing!

I have big dreams for my sweet 1,100 square feet house.

But, I also have little pockets. With no moo-lah.

So, I have created a room-by-room re-model/freshen up plan for my house (and put it in a notebook with budgets, pictures, ideas, etc.) Those of you that know me well, know that I love to plan...and decorate. B and I are trying to pinch pennies and figure out ways that we can make this house more LeeLee + B + AL, on a budget. It's kind of funny how our dreams and plans change with age...we used to talk of big vacations and new cars, and now we swoon over hardwood flooring (we WILL have hardwood floors one day!), lighting and countertops. I guess that means we're finally growing up.

I am going to try and take before pictures of each room and give you our "plan of action." Most of the rooms will not have big changes - mainly our master bedroom and bathroom are in for the big overhaul. And by big overhaul, I mean NEW paint!

/br>Hope you'll stick around to see more!

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