Thursday, December 8, 2011

15 months old!

Dear Annie Louise,
In a few short days, you will be 15 months old.
This is impossible. No way. I am in denial. Majorly.
It feels like just yesterday I was putting up the Christmas tree while you
slept quietly in your swing.
Not anymore!
You are my strong-willed, thrill-seeker, not-scared-of-anything baby girl.

You love to climb on things. Anything.
Your little rocking chair. The couch. Our storage cubes. Turner, our dog.
You love to climb.
Just yesterday, I turned my head for 2 seconds, and you were STANDING on top of the end table with a huge smile on your face like you had just climbed Mt. Everest.
Right now, you can do anything.

You love to eat and snack.
SheShe calls you a "car-riding snacker" as you love to have
some sort of snack while riding in the car.
And you scream if you don't have something.
You loooooooooove macaroni and cheese.
I seriously spend all of our grocery bill on shells and cheese, and when I bring the groceries in after a shopping trip, you find the shells and cheese box and bring it to me!
You make the cutest sound (almost like a seagull) when you want something.
And you sign "please" over and over. So polite and mannerly!
Your teachers at Wee School say you are their best eater.
That makes mama proud!

You are the youngest in your class at Wee School, but that doesn't stop you.
You are a busy, busy girl, and you LOVE going to school.
I know you are learning so much, and I can already tell you are going to be a smart gal.
When we ask you, "what does a cat say?", you say "meow."
When we ask you, "what does a dog say?", you say "woof, woof."
When we ask you, "what does ho ho say?", you say "ha ha ha."
When we ask you, "what's your name?", you say "nannie."
Who would have thought those 4 phrases would make me so proud?
I can't get enough of hearing you say these things, and I ask you ALL the time just to hear them!

Right now, you love to sing songs.
"Itsy bitsy spider" is your favorite.
You don't know the words, but if we start singing it, you immediately start doing the "motions."
Cutest thing I have ever seen.
You also love to sing "Jingle Bells" and you love any sort of Christmas decoration that plays music - especially the singing snowmen from Hallmark!

But more than anything else, you are the light of our lives.
Every day is so much fun with you, and I can't believe how much joy and
happiness to have brought to us!
You make each day so magical, and we love you so much for that!

Love you, doodlebug!

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