Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Tent.

My sister, or Aunt K, called me a couple of weeks back and told me that she had gotten a Christmas present for Annie Louise.

"Another one?" I asked her...I was already beginning to dread all these Christmas presents.

Where in the devil was I going to put something else?

And then she dropped the ball on me.

"I got her one of those cute pop-up tents that looks like a dollhouse."

Even better.

But let me tell you, this tent has been the BEST $30 Aunt K has ever spent.

After we finished opening presents at my parents' house, we put the tent up, and Annie Louise and my nephew, Grant, just played and played and played in the tent.

They went in and out. And looked out the window. And screamed with pure joy.

Would you please look at their sweet little faces and how much FUN they are having?!

So, long story short, the tent hasn't been so bad.

I guess that's what happens when you have a sacrifice what little square footage you have to fit an indoor tent that supplies hours upon hours of pure joy. You take time out of your busy evening to play "house" even when you have loads of laundry to be done. You give all of yourself, and you don't look back.

To end this post, I guess I should give a thank you to Aunt K for being so fun and loving our sweet girl so much! We love you, Aunt K!

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