Monday, January 30, 2012

Blissdom Newbie Series!

In case you haven't heard via twitter, I'm going to BLISSDOM!


I'm super excited (and even more nervous)!  I haven't been to a conference in quite a while, let alone a blogging conference.

I'm really excited to hopefully meet some of my favorite bloggers and also come away inspired and motivated about my very own piece of the blog-world!

I decided to pick 4 bloggers that I LOVE + know that they are a newbie a Blissdom.  Each one has a different perspective when it comes to Blissdom.  I asked them each a series of questions, and I'll be featuring one a day starting tomorrow!  I hope you'll come back to check each of them out!

Also, since this is my blog, and I'm also a Blissdom newbie, I decided to start the series off by answering the same questions I sent them!

Here we go!

Tell us about your blog in 25 words or less.
My blog is all about our daily joyful adventures - whether it be in parenting, faith, diy projects or just everyday happenings.

Why did you sign up to attend Blissom?
I had been hearing lots of buzz about Blissdom in the blogging/twitter world.  It looked like a very informative and fun conference, so I decided I would give it a whirl!  Plus, lots of the bloggers I follow are going, and I would LOVE to meet them all!

What do you hope to get out of the conference?
I hope to make some new friends, get motivated and educated about my own blog and come away with a fresh perspective!

What sessions/tracks are you planning on attending?
I haven't decided anything for sure - although, most of the sessions that I think I would enjoy are in the life/business track.

Who are your roommates, and do y'all know each other previously?
Since I pretty much live in Nashville, and my sister literally lives within 5 minutes of Opryland Hotel, I'm staying with her!  It's saving me lots of money (more $ for the handmade marketplace...can't wait), and I'll get to spend some much needed time with her, too!

What in the devil are you going to wear?!
Why, oh why am I fretting so much about this?!?  I have sort of thought about this in my head (plus been looking through pinterest for ideas) - I'm thinking lots of skinny jeans, cute flats, bright colors and cardigans/jackets (I always get so cold at these kind of events)...I'm trying not to stress out too much about this!

How will you take notes? (i.e., pen and paper vs. laptop)
I'll be mainly using old-fashioned composition notebooks & pen, although, I will probably bring our iPad, just in case.

Who are you most excited to meet?
Oh, geez...super excited to meet all of my guest newbies (I'll save those for a surprise), also excited to meet Heir to Blair, According to Nina, Blue Eyed Bride and too many others to list!  And if you're coming, please leave a comment or tweet me (lenawarnock), so I can find you!

When thinking about Blissdom, what makes you the most nervous?
I get the most nervous jitters thinking about meeting new people or feeling out of place.  I also hope that I don't feel insignificant among so many totally awesome bloggers!

What’s the best piece of advice you have heard about Blissdom thus far?
So far, I've heard to bring a tote bag (not a purse), snacks/water, tons of business cards, and I just recently heard about the whole bring a hole punch & keyring to hold all the business cards you collect.  There are lots of great posts going around with TONS of great advice!

So, there you have it...I hope that by reading these posts this week, you'll see that we're all kind of in the same boat!  I'm super excited to meet you all, and I cannot wait until Blissdom gets here! 



  1. What a fun idea! I'm a newbie, too, and I love seeing other faces (and reading their perspectives!) of people who are going :) I'm @angelaamman on twitter!

  2. Fun! I'm adding you to my Twitter follows now. :) I'm going too, and I am way excited and a little (or lot) nervous.

  3. This was so much fun to read! Thanks for posting your answers!

    I'm a BlissDom Newbie this year, too. I have been so engaged & motivated by the warm, friendly & welcoming interaction with other BlissDom attendees. I can't wait!