Thursday, January 26, 2012

V-day decorating!

I always get into this deep depression when Christmas is over.

I hate taking down all the decorations – doesn’t your house just feel so much cozier and warm with Christmas decorations?

Well, mine does. And I miss them.

So, this year, I decided to do it up for Valentine’s Day. Hey, it’s a “holiday” devoted to one of my favorite colors (red) and love. Of course, I love it.

Here are a few projects I did…

Hanging hearts from our kitchen chandelier

With every season/holiday, I have started hanging things from our chandelier.
For Valentine’s Day, I picked up some glittery foam sheets in red, pink and silver. Then, I just cut hearts out of them and glued them together so you could see the glittery sides. Then, I punched a hole in the top and tied cute ribbon on them to hang.

Valentine’s Day bunting banner

Another easy one – got a ¼ of a yard of 3 different V-day fabrics, cut several triangles (used pinking shears to give it a different look), then I sewed them together using binding strips! So cute and so easy!

Hearts banner

This would be so fun to do with your little ones…I bought a pack of pre-cut cardstock hearts (in red and white), then I glued pre-cut foam hearts (aren’t the patterns adorable) on top of them. I punched a hole on each side, and then strung a ribbon through it to connect them all! Cute, huh?!

Candy hearts

This is a pinterest-inspired project that was super easy. I just bought 3 of the wooden hearts (unpainted) from Hobby Lobby - they were less than $1.50 each. Then, I painted them with a couple coats of paint and wrote each of our names on them with a paint pen. Next, I hot-glued each heart to some wide, grosgrain ribbon and attached it to a command hook. I'm going to seriously love pulling this cutie out every Valentine's Day!

Well, that's it...and that's quite a bit! I've seen some really cute printables and things I would like to add, but I really don't want to over-do it! Ha, don't think B will be able to find room in the attic for everything! :)

So, I hope you’ll pull out your paper, glue and scissors and have some fun!