Monday, July 9, 2012

a day trip to Nolensville!

Annie Louise and I took a day trip this past Saturday morning to Nolensville.  I had planned this trip earlier in the week, and I seriously couldn't wait until the weekend rolled around so we could go!  It has been a few years since I've been to Nolensville, so I was excited to see the changes from my first visit.

Nolensville is about a 35 minute drive from our house, so we packed up on Saturday morning to head that way.  Mama tip: make sure you pack lots of snacks and LOTS of water.  It's hot, y'all!

What a cute and historic town!  All the shops were right there together, so we were able to walk to all of the places...which is always a plus for me!  

Our first stop was Roses and Rustics - oh my word.  This store is my Heaven, y'all.  So many things I wanted...I will definitely be back!  They had great, unique pieces that would totally fit any style!
I need this light fixture - no idea where I would put it, but c'mon, it's amazing!
and this pillow?  I NEED IT!  I have been lusting over it ever since I left it at the store...
look at all the goodies!  So many neat finds!
this is what I came home with - embroidery hoops and a small quilt!
don't you just LOVE their packaging?
Make sure you make a quick stop at The Feed Mill - lots of great goodies including jellies, jams, pickles, breads!  They were also serving breakfast, which smelled amazing!
I picked up a Pear Jam for my daily PB & J sandwiches!  Yum!
Three French Hens was a great stop, too!  Just look at all the great things OUTSIDE!  And the inside is full of great items as well.  I saw tons of beautiful pieces of furniture, and although I don't need any furniture at this time, I'll definitely be back when the time comes!

a "digger's" dream....TONS of potential things out here!
this is what came home with me...a GIANT quilted kitty cat, a piece of old wood siding (about 5' tall) and a beautiful children's book.  I plan to paint a verse on the wood siding and hang it in our den!
Peacock Lane was our last stop for the day.  And what a great place!  I mean, hello...look at this beautiful swing made from a daybed.  I could totally make a bed on there and waste the days away!
seriously...can someone makes this for me?!?  Isn't it amazing?
this is what came home with me...a quilted vanity stool for Annie Louise's bedroom and a GORGEOUS roll of vintage wallpaper.
Even if I can't actually use it for wallpaper, it will make beautiful wrapping paper!
 Nolensville was a great place for a mama-daughter date...I can't wait to visit again!  If you visit any of these places, let me know - would LOVE to know what you think!

Happy Antiquing!


  1. My mother in law LOVES Three French Hens! I need to go out there one day! Especially now that we're about to start building. I'm going to need some treasures to fill up the new house!!!!! You found some great stuff girl!!!!!

  2. We so appreciate your visit to THREE FRENCH HENS ! You and your precious little girl were a delight to meet. I especially love the quilted pillow you discovered.My partner and I talked about that all day--what other shapes and animals could be made from old cutter quilts...hmmmmm Hope you two can visit again soon -so glad you enjoyed the entire village0you SCORED some great pieces.
    Keep in mind-we get in new items literally every day :>) Happy Junkin !