Tuesday, July 10, 2012

a growing girl - Annie Louise is 22 months old!

Annie Louise - 

You are 22 months old today.  I feel like every morning that you wake up, you've changed.  Your hair looks longer.  You look like you've grown 3 inches.  Or you just look like a big girl.

We are definitely out of the baby phase.  You are a full-blown toddler.  For the most part, when you get upset, I know what you want.  You're able to communicate with me on most occasions, and we're working every single day on you understanding us.  
I know we tell you all the time, but you are SO smart.  The world is your classroom, and you are taking LOTS of notes.  ABCs, 123s, twinkle twinkle little star, head-shoulders-knees-toes....the list goes on and on.  You love to learn.  Most nights you want to take a book to bed with you...I hope you'll be a lover of books like your mama.

You are in an abbreviated summer program at Wee School, and you love it.  You love to go to school and see your friends.

I picked up some beginner French books (I minored in French in college), and I'm teaching you a few basic things.  You LOVE your French picture book.  Not sure if anything is sticking, but you sure do love it!

We took our first trip to the beach this past month, and you LOVED it.  We'll definitely be back.

You're loving all things water, too - the kiddie pool at SheShe & PopPop's is your favorite, and you love to do BIG JUMPS and make big splashes.  Summer is definitely fun with you, doodlebug!

You are getting so big - I know you're on your way to being over 30 pounds, and you are going to be a tall gal for sure!  You are a pretty picky eater, but I know that won't always be the case.  You like to snack, so I always have to be prepared.  Sleep is really never a problem, I know that you don't like to go to bed because you have so much fun, and you don't want the fun to stop.

Overall, you are a growing gal, and we are just enjoying every single day with you.  

We love you lots and lots and can't wait to see what the next month will bring!  Can't believe how close to 2 we are getting!  

Love you,

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  1. She IS a growing girl! I can't get over how big she is!! :-) It was so fun seeing her the other night... such a little cutie!