Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's time!

Today is the day.
I leave for Influence Conference, and I’m a BALL of so many emotions – nervous, anxious, excited, hopeful…the list goes on and on.
But more than anything, I’m eager…eager for so many difference reasons.
Because it’s time.  It’s time that I attend something like this.  I’ve backed out and found “excuses” too many times before.  This time, I’m diving in, eager to learn all that I can grasp with my hands.
I cannot wait to meet all these fabulous women that I’ve been following through all the social media outlets.  Every time I see a new gal using the #influenceconf, I get so excited because I want to know all about her.  I can’t wait to have fulfilling, life-giving conversations with these women.  I can’t wait to be real and vulnerable and share all my fears.  
And most of all, I’m thrilled to see God move this weekend.  I get chills when I think about all the big things God is going to do, all the big things He has already done.  
So, these are the things I’m praying for, would you join me? 
  1. That my heart and my mind will be open and ready to be filled…filled with thoughts and hopes and ideas and advice and lots of good information.
  2. That we have a safe ride to the conference – I’ll be driving with Sarah and Rebecca…we’re super pumped, but we are praying for a safe trip.
  3. That I make lots of connections for all the arenas in my life – for my personal self, for my business, for my blog.
  4. That I relax and have fun!  This is my first time to leave my little family for so long.  My husband has been up north for business for the past week, so I’m really missing him.  And this is the first time I will be away from my Annie Lou for this much time.  Praying for my mama and wife heart!
And if you’re at Influence, please find me and let’s hug and chat!  Blessings, y'all!

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  1. Hi sweet Lena! I am so blessed the Lord crossed our paths! I love your pixie cut and admire your talent! Influence was awesome & I can't wait to chat with you again!