Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What will be in my bag at Influence...

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I am leaving for Influence!  I’ve seen lots of posts floating around about “what’s in my bag?” and I thought I would join in the fun!

You’ll see me toting around a Mattie Mae Designs (little side business I run with my mama) birdie sling bag made by my precious mama.  It’s one of my favorites.  Stay tuned…you might see a shop pop up in the next few weeks with some similar items (if I can convince my mama to make more)!
Here’s what’s inside (not all items pictured):
-Birdie wallet with some fun money (hello, have you seen the vendors that are going to be at the Sashes Market?) 
-The Pleated Poppy zipper wristlet complete with my necessities (lip gloss, floss, wipes, hand sanitizer, gum, mirror and some snackies)
-The Pleated Poppy card holder with extra business cards – I attached dumdums to my business cards since I didn’t get to get them updated before the conference
-iphone and charger
-composition notebook and lots of felt tip pens (in all sorts of colors)
-camera (maybe not all the time, but I do hope to take some pictures on something besides my phone!)
No doubt I’ll probably have some other items tossed in there, but for the most part, I’m only going to try and carry the essentials!  Now, what’s in your bag?

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