Friday, February 3, 2012

Blissom Newbie - AP

Give a BIG welcome to our FINAL Blissdom newbie guest, AP!

Tell us about your blog in 25 words or less.
Hi there! I've been writing I Love You More Than Carrots for a little over three years now and what first started off as a sweet spot to chronicle my life as a wife has quickly turned into my favorite messy place where I come to dish, almost daily, about my many {mis}adventures in motherhood. 

Why did you sign up to attend Blissom?
After hearing some of my favorite bloggers talk about their upcoming plans for Blissdom, I decided to cast aside my nerves and go! I cannot wait to meet some of the amazing and hilarious women that I've been reading about for so long!
What do you hope to get out of the conference?
I'm looking forward to networking with other women who are similarly eager to grow in their writing and social media involvement. I cannot wait to learn about how I can broaden and enhance my own little slice of the internet!
What sessions/tracks are you planning on attending?
I'm hoping to get a little something out of the Photography, Business and Writing tracks!
Who are your roommates, and do y'all know each other previously?
I am rooming with Whitney and Jennifer and I cannot wait to meet them!
What in the devil are you going to wear?!
Oh, it's way too early to decide! I still have a good three weeks of shopping ahead of me, right? RIGHT? I'll likely pack my entire closet. 
How will you take notes? (i.e., pen and paper vs. laptop)
Since I don't have a laptop, I'll be bringing along my iPad and wireless keyboard! I'm sure I'll have an old-school notebook and pen handy, too!
Who are you most excited to meet?
My roommates! 
When thinking about Blissdom, what makes you the most nervous?
For those who've been reading ILYMTC, I've just been this "voice" behind the words, always writing behind the computer screen for the last three years! I hope I can pull it all together when I meet some of my favorite "Loyals" in person! I swear I'm still pretty cool... 
What’s the best piece of advice you have heard about Blissdom thus far?
Wear comfortable shoes and be yourself! Also, don't be hesitant to really put yourself out there!

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