Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Hole-in-One Day!

Yesterday was the 3rd Annual Kelly Holcolmb Golf benefiting United Way. Because it was such a rainy, yucky morning, we did not think many players would show up. We had about 22 celebrity football players - many retired or not playing any longer - and they were paired with a team of 4 men who basically paid to play with a former NFL star! It's a great way to make money!

Anyways, Brad was our "researcher" for all the players. I had no idea who so-in-so was, let along, what team he used to play for. Not the case for Brad, he knew who the players was, where he played college football, etc. etc. etc. Crazy, I know. So, because Brad was such a help to us women at United Way, he got to attend the tournament with me.

All of the staff were divided into pairs, and each pair sat on a par 3 hole, watching for hole-in-ones. Well, Brad and I posted up on hole #6. And by golly, we actually saw 2 hole-in-ones! It was hilarious! The golf pro told us that was something we would probably never see again!

So, we witnessed history at Stones River Country Club, and I got a sunburn. Ha! It was a great day, and hopefully we got that $50,000 for United Way!

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