Friday, July 13, 2007

The luckiest.

I have realized in my almost two months of marriage, that I am truly the luckiest gal in the world. Not only do I have a studly man that I can call my own, my stud would really do anything in the world for me.

It used to annoy me, to be honest, how agreeable Brad is. But now, I'm learning to embrace it. I love that any idea I come up with (well, almost any idea) he's game. He's like my partner in crime. But we only do good crimes! Ha, God love him.

We are really wanting to establish a good savings for all the little things we want in life - new furniture, lots of antiques, and fun vacations - so Brad offered last night to get a second job.

Wow, I was floored. My mom begged my dad for years to get a second job just to make life easier for the two of them. So, he went right away to Hastings to see if he could get back on with them. And sure enough, they gave him his Customer Service Manager title back with a nice little raise! That's how much they love him!

I will never give enough praise to him, but I hope he knows how incredibly blessed I am!

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