Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We live for each other.

So, lately I have been feeling very sad about ADPi. I feel like I put so much into for it for 4 years, and now it's just a thing of the past. I guess the main reason I miss it so much, is because I get to listen to my sister, Katy, who is also an ADPi, talk about all the wonderful things going on. And I'm jealous.

I miss not having any real responsibilites, and being able to give my whole life to a group of girls. I miss it badly.

So, I was feeling all of those feelings on Monday on the way to my parents' house, when lo and behold, guess what's in the mailbox? The Adelphean. ADPi's quarterly publication. I'm reading about all the happenings at other schools, when I see a picture of Katy and a group of her Alpha pledge sisters. And I am so proud. Unbelievably proud.

It's so wonderful to love something with all your heart and soul, and then you get to share it with your best friend.

Now, everyone knows that I am an emotional person as it is, so the tears were definitely there when I saw her picture. So, I continue reading on in this article written by the Recruitment Director for the international headquarters. And she is telling all the things she learned in life though recruitment - as a potential new member, as a member, as an alumna, and as an international officer. I'm reading through the things she learned as an alumna, and they are truly touching my heart - it was like I was meant to read it. Then, I turn the page and BOOM, there's MY picture. And I'm with the best group of girls ever - the executive council from my senior year.

And then, the tears started flowing. It was like at that moment, I was reminded of every reason why I love that darn sorority so much. And I will never lost that love or appreciation.

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