Saturday, July 7, 2007

The ultimate loss

Tonight, my family visited the visitation for Jordan Henderson-Frizzell. We arrived at the church around 6, expecting quite the crowd. There were so many people there waiting to pay their respects to the Henderson-Frizzell family.

We waited for over an hour and a half. It was a very sorrowing wait. While we waited, there were televisions along the way that played a slideshow of pictures of Jordan. Then we had to watch as many high school students walked past us with tear-streaked faces, barely able to walk out of the church without holding one another. My mother commented on how she hates to see someone young die because it's often the first time young adults and teenagers go through that experience, and it's heartbreaking.

I can remember going through high school and not losing anyone out of my class. During the summer after my senior year, we lost Eric Jones in a boating accident. I only knew him through classes and whatnot, we weren't the best of friends, but I remember being absolutely devastated at his funeral. Just seeing his young body in the casket upset me. It still lingers in my mind today.

It's hard to experience death and to go to funerals, but it's even harder to know that person was so young. It just doesn't seem right, and I will never understand it. I will never understand why a broken-hearted mother and father have to stand over their all-too-soon gone son in his final resting place. I will never understand, and that's the hardest thing.

An older gentleman in front of my family tonight said that as he got older, he felt like the only thing he did was go to funerals. He said that Jordan's visitation was the third funeral he had visited this week. Goodness, I don't know if I'll be able to do that. If it's the case, I'll just bear it with a lot of Kleenex.

In closing, please pray for the family of Jordan Henderson-Frizzell. That's what I'll be doing tonight.

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