Thursday, March 6, 2008

A beautiful day.

So, today is absolutely GORGEOUS here in Tennessee. It started out chilly this morning, but the sun is shining bright and it's closed to 55 today! Perfect weather for riding with your sunroof open and the windows down - which is exactly what I have been doing!

Today is great because I'm wearing my dress that I got @ Gap for $10 - I paired it with my black leggings and leopard print flats, and I've gotten tons of compliments today! I'm glad I dressed up because I had a very special lunch date with this cutie...

This is my sweet cousin, Tye. I called my mom today to see if she would like to have lunch, but she had some other errands to run. She told me to call my granny because she was in town with Tye - so I called granny up and met them at Chick-fil-A!

I was so excited to see them - my grandparents are in town for the day to watch the high school basketball tournaments that are going on at MTSU. So, even though it wasn't planned, I had a wonderful lunch date with my family! Tye was so good at lunch - we talked about our birthdays (his birthday is six days after mine), and he proceeded to point out every truck, ambulance, police car, or mailman that went by! He's so observant!

Here's a picture of Tye with me - excuse the hair - I should have tucked it behind the ears, and I need my bangs trimmed!!!! I'm a hot mess!

Granny and Tye saying goodbye! Tye didn't understand why I had to go to work - he wanted me to go play with them! I wish I could, buddy!

My granny belongs to this really good book club, and they get deals on some really good books, and she surprised me today with this book... Yay! I love anything about Jane Austen! What a nice surprise!

I hope if you are having good weather, you are getting to enjoy it today! They are calling for temperatures in the 30s and snow for Saturday! Brrrr....

Here's a fun video I took last night - do y'all have this problem? I spoil my dog, Turner, like nobody's business. I let him sleep with me, cuddle on the couch, give him treats - anything he wants. But as soon I as I try to make him mind his manners, he won't listen! But he'll listen to my husband - I'm stunned! Please disregard his coat and skin - Turner is a rescue and had severe mange when I rescued him - his skin looks so much better than it used to, and we have to have him dipped every other week! People always ask me what's wrong with him, and then I feel like I have to explain. Oh, and don't judge me for my southern accent or the way I talk to my dog in a baby voice! Ha!

Blessings, y'all!


  1. YAY! Another rescued dog :) I rescued my sweetie pie three years ago, and she is amazing. I'm loving your blog :)

  2. I LOVE the video Le Le AND all of your bday choices. You are such a good "bad" influence on me. I sent Web my bday list today (mine is in April) and already purchased a picnic basket with our mongram on it. I love you for it though! By the way, never been to Blue Coast and I would like to take you for your bday =)

  3. The video of your puppy is really cute!
    If it is not too much trouble, I was wondering if you would share how you customized your background. If it is too much of a hassle then please don't bother with it. I just love your page, it's adorable!

  4. I need to get that book! I bet you were so cute with the leggings and shoes!!! fun fun