Friday, March 14, 2008

Fashion Shows and "Horton Hears a Who."

Today, I had the pleasure of attending the "Legacy in Black and White" Fashion Show by Elrod & Co. (a boutique here in Murfreesboro). My sister works at Elrod's, and she is a Fashion Merchandising major, so she put together a lot of the outfits and wrote all the commentary for the show. I was so proud of her - this was her first show, and I think she did a FABULOUS job! My sister has always loved fashion, and I love to call her up and ask her advice about clothing. She always knows what is "in" and will tell me if I'm wearing something that's not "in" anymore!

Seeing all the bright and springy outfits definitely gave me SPRING FEVER, and I've been browsing all of the clothing websites looking at spring collections!
I can't wait to pull out all of my spring outfits and brighten up my wardrobe! Are y'all feeling the way I am????

I would especially love to be wearing this dress right now...
Heck, I would love to be wearing something other than BLACK or BROWN!
In other news, I'm taking my little sister, Kayla, to see this movie tonight, and I CANNOT wait!

For those of you who don't know, I have been an official BIG SISTER to Kayla for over 6 months now. She's 16, and we are seriously the best of friends! We didn't get to hang out last week, so I'm excited to see her tonight!

I am so excited it's the weekend - what about y'all??



  1. That movie looks really cute! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. How was the movie? I have the yellow dress in navy, and it's a very light cute material! I love it :)

  3. I love that yellow dress!!!!!!