Monday, March 31, 2008

Is it Monday already????

As every other weekend goes, this one was packed full of craziness and fun! I had to work on Saturday morning for a workshop we held on "Family Literacy." It was a very interesting workshop, and I have lots of ideas to incorporate reading into my future children's lives! I hope they love reading as much as I do!

Saturday night was my cousin, Tye's, 4th birthday party. Did we go to Chuck E. Cheese? Absolutely not! This big boy wanted to go to Fuji, a local Japanese Steakhouse, for his birthday! Here are some pictures from the night - sadly, I did not get one with the birthday boy!

Here I am with Tessa (Tye's sister) and our other cousin, Taren -I then let Tessa be the photographer for the night - she got this great shot of my momma and Brad.
And this weird picture of me eating my Fuji soup!
My mom and I have a ritual on Sundays - we go to the early service at church, go to breakfast together and then spend the whole day doing something fun. This Sunday, we went to the Antique District in Franklin, Tennessee - which is about 45 minutes from my hometown. Here are some of the goodies I got yesterday -
I got this cute blue basket to go in the master bedroom - I plan to make an arrangement to go in it - Does this little picture look familar? It should! It's a smaller version of the three pictures I got from Stein Mart a few weeks ago. I also got this sweet little birdie and a nest to go in my room as well -

This was BY FAR the best buy of the day...I got a 1915 edition of Little Women for $15! As y'all know, Little Women is one of my favorite books, and I just could not pass this by! I can't wait to read it to my little ones!This was a birthday present from Brad, and I love it so much! It says "Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul" - Emily Dickinson. It matches perfectly with our bird theme!

I have lots of old pictures of my family, and I wanted a neat way to display them - I saw this idea from another blog (Harrington House) a while back. I had the yellow berry garland, draped it over an antique mirror and clipped old pictures to it. I love it! It's so fun to look at all of them!

This is what I ended up doing on Sunday night - packing up all of this.... make room for all of this....

Oh, how I have missed you bright colors!!! I was so sick of wearing black and brown, so I changed out my closet and put up all of those fuddy-duddy sweaters! I'm sure it'll be 30 degrees next week, and I'll be stuck, but I don't care! Ha!

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! Blessings!


  1. I love all of your little finds Lena! I can't wait to do lunch again soon =)!

  2. You'll have to take more pictures of your bird themed room. That sounds very interesting!
    I need to get all of our spring things out and change out the girls' clothing as well.. but this TN weather is just too crazy! We have storage containers stacked high in our room.

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  3. I am glad you had a fun weekend! I love your antique market finds! I am ready for spring and summer colors too.

  4. Lena - "Little Women" is my favorite book of all time! That is so neat that you got an antique edition like that. That is a wonderful tradition that you and your mom have. I can't wait to read more of your blog!

  5. Isn't it fun to take out all of your spring/summer stuff? It always takes me forever because I like to try on all of my dresses.

  6. I'm going to be pulling out everything later in the week. I am so excited!

    Glad you had a great weekend :)

  7. Hey Lena! I can't wait to get to know you even more through your blog! All of the things you found this weekend look great - I love the bird theme (I get that same love from my mother!). I hope you have a great week!!!! See you a week from today for another good 'ole provisional meeting! ;-)

  8. Cute stuff and cute ideas!!! Little Women is the BEST book!!!!

  9. YEAH! SOunds like a fun weekend! The closet looks very colorful!

  10. i LOVE ALL YOUR FINDS FROM SUNDAY!!!!!!! your nest theme really is so darling! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!!!!

    ooooooooo little women...i used to want to be one of them so bad!!!! what a great book!