Friday, March 7, 2008


So, as you can tell from the title, it's my 100th post! I can't believe the joy I have received from blogging - so here it is without further adieu, 100 Things About Lena!!!

1. I was born the day after the first day of spring - March 21st.
2. I was born in Waco, Texas - most people are freaked out about that.
3. I was named after my great-great-great Aunt - her name was Lockey Leona, and her nickname was "Lena." My mom loved that name. My middle name is Carole - which is after my grandmother, Carolyn. I love my name!
4. My sister, Katy, is my best friend. We are connected in more ways than one. If she cries, I cry. If she laughs, I laugh. She is also an ADPi - so we share that as well.
5. My mother is my other best friend. She was 23 when I was born, and I'm so happy we have a close relationship.
6. I am a marketing/special events guru - I love a good advertisement, and I love to plan special events!
7. I am in the midst of planning a "Women United" High Tea - oh yea, I'm going to wear a hat AND gloves!
8. I am a paper snob - for my wedding, I insisted on having the best paper for my invitations - I chose Crane's, and I wouldn't change it for the world.
9. My wedding was the best day of my life thus far - it was everything that I am - especially southern.
10. I love being from the South, and I could never move above the Mason-Dixon line.
11. I love Chicago, but I hate that they don't have sweet tea!
12. I love Charleston, South Carolina. It is my dream to retire there.
13. I am obsessed with history. All of my friends will tell you that - I won the Daughters of the American Revolution award in 8th grade, and I thought that I was going to work in politics.
14. I saw how dirty politics really are - so I decided to become a teacher.
15. While in college, all of my education professors spoke nothing but horrible things about teaching - so why would I want to practice something that my professors apparently hated?
16. So I changed to journalism/public relations.
17. Sometimes I wish I would have become a teacher.
18. I love my job so much. I am truly blessed to work with such an amazing group of women.
19. However, my dream job would be to become a mother.
20. I have severe endometriosis, so sometimes I get worried about not being able to become a mother.
21. I know that whatever happens, God will bless us with children.
22. My sister once told me that if I can't carry a baby, that she will carry it for me. This is the most precious thing she has ever told me. (It's crazy because she doesn't want children at all!)
23. Brad and I are completely open to other options as well - especially adoption.
24. That's what I love most about my husband - he's always up for whatever adventure comes our way.
25. I met my husband at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house.
26. I was actually dating his roommate at the time.
27. But I secretly had a crush on Brad.
28. We dated for 3 months.
29. We got engaged in front of both of our families and all of Miller's Grocery - my favorite restaurant.
30. I looked for my wedding dress for four months.
31. My mom's best friend embroidered "Mrs. James Bradley Warnock May 19, 2007" in blue on the underside of my dress.
32. I wore my Alpha Delta Pi badge under my dress.
33. I love my years in ADPi - and I'm so proud to belong to such a beautiful sisterhood.
34. ADPi was the first party I went to on the first night of rush. The first girl I talked to in ADPi was Melanie - I was her "rush crush."
35. I seriously did not think ADPi would give me a bid (everyone wanted ADPi that year) - I can remember how happy I was when I got my bid - I was even more excited when Melanie met me at the door.
36. Melanie would become my Diamond Sister/Big Sister that year.
37. I did everything in ADPi - I was on the Executive Council for two years, participated in fight song, lip sync and step show.
38. Lip Sync was my favorite - each year, I was always chosen to do the goofiest part. My first year, I wore a red wig and pretended to be Little Orphan Annie, my second year, I wore a mullet wig and was Billy Ray Cyrus, my third year, I wore an afro wig and sang Afro Man, and my final year, I teased my hair and became my ultimate idol, REBA MCINTIRE!!!!
39. I love to dance. I was captain of my high school's dance team. I took dance for years. My favorite style of dance is hip hop, and I love to dance to a good beat - especially rap! Ha! I would love to teach and choreograph hip hop dances!
40. Brad and I used to have dance offs in the fraternity house.
41. He is actually a really good dancer, and most people are surprised to see him bust a move - especially at weddings.
42. He helped me perfect my robot moves.
43. Brad was actually in the Mr. MTSU competition (before we dated) - he grew his hair out into an afro (we both have curly hair), dyed it red and pretended to be Napoleon Dynamite during the entire pageant. He actually did the Napoleon dance for his talent.
44. I have never seen the tape from Mr. MTSU - Brad was a celebrity after he competed in this.
45. I oftentimes wonder if our children will have thick, curly hair like Brad's.
46. When people first meet Brad, many of them say that he looks like JFK, Jr. - It's all because of the hair.
47. Little old women are obsessed with Brad - they always say he is one of the most handsome men they have ever seen. I'm going to have to keep my eye on him!
48. I love to think of names for our future children - Charlotte, Pellie Mae, Mattie Kathleen, Caroline, Ruth, Virginia, James, Harris, Charles, Henry - I love old, southern names. If you've got a good one, send it to me!
49. I cannot wait to have a baby so I can decorate a nursery. If we have a boy, we want to do a cowboys and indians theme with lots of reds, greens, and browns. Of course a lot of the furnishings will be antiques! If we have a girl, it will be PINK of course - my mom has started collecting antique lambs for me, so it will have a sweet, girly theme complete with a PINK chandelier!
50. I love antiques! I love to buy old pieces and think about all the people who have touched and looked at them - I think there is so much character in a good antique.
51. That doesn't mean I don't love Pottery Barn! If it wasn't so stinkin' expensive, I would buy more! There is actually a man at a flea market in Nashville who can create almost any piece in the Pottery Barn magazine for a THIRD of the cost!
52. Even though we have only been our first home for close to 5 months, Brad and I love to plan for our next home.
53. We hope to build our next home - we have been collecting houseplans and decorating ideas.
54. We want to build a quaint cottage style home with a big front porch and a screened-in porch on the back.
55. That's quite a ways down the road, but we both love to dream and plan for the future.
56. To get us ready, we have been practicing Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover - we love the envelope system, and we cannot wait until we are debt-free (besides the house payment).
57. Even though I hate the car payment, I LOVE my car.
58. When I graduated, I told myself I wanted to buy a new car. After I got my first promotion, Brad and I visited the VW dealership to buy my dream car - a VW Beetle. But after I saw Brad crunched up in the back seat (he's 6' 4"), I decided the Jetta was a better option. Ha!
59. I minored in French in college - I can't speak French very well, but I can definitely read and write it. I really want to travel to France because I love the culture so very much.
60. I really want to travel to some French-speaking countries in Africa to do ministry work.
61. I have always had a heart for service - especially for those who have just been through a disaster.
62. I volunteered on the Gulf Coast just a few weeks after Hurricane Katrina. It amazed me how thankful everyone was, even in the midst of destruction - it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
63. I can't stand it when someone is walking behind me - I always feel like they are chasing me.
64. I have never been in a haunted house - when I was a senior in high school, we went to the "Haunted Prison" - well, when we got there, it was a FOR REAL prison. I couldn't go in, I just waited outside while everyone went through. I can't believe some people pay money to get scared!
65. I am still very good friends with some of my friends from high school.
66. I met my best friend, Claire, in 9th grade in our Physical Science class with Mr. Lykins.
67. We used to drive around in my 1984 Blue Escort (with a hatchback) and knock over porta-potties! That car was indestructible!
68. I met my other best friend, Lauren, in high school - we were both in Student Council. Lauren is one of the smartest girls I have ever met - she's in Law School at the University of Texas. I miss her a lot.
69. My very best friend is Diane. We met in kindergarten, and we have pretty much been inseperable since then.
70. Diane is one of the most beautiful singers - my favorite song she sings is "At Last" by Etta James.
71. I had six bridesmaids and four honorary bridesmaids in my wedding. They were all so wonderful and helpful during my engagement and wedding - I love them all very much.
72. I designed my bridesmaids' dresses - they were cherry red - very vintage looking, with an adorable belt around the waist. They were probably one of my favorite things at the wedding.
73. I love to read. I can remember my mother reading Little Women and Little House on the Prairie to me when I was a little girl. Both of those are two of my favorite books.
74. I hope my children will love to read as much as I do.
75. My husband does not share my love for books - he loves SPORTS.
76. Brad is obsessed with University of Georgia football, Atlanta Braves baseball and Atlanta Falcons football.
77. I do share his love of baseball. My brother plays baseball at MTSU, and I am very proud of him. My dad also played baseball there, so it's a family tradition! I played softball for 8 years, too!
78. There is nothing better than watching a baseball game on a warm, sunny day - especially when there are hot dogs involved!
79. Some of my favorite movies from my childhood include "Charlotte's Web," "Thumbelina," and "Rumplestilskin" - we rented them so many times, that the movie place gave them to us one day.
80. My granny is my hero - there is seriously no one like her. She is the most outstanding Christian woman I have ever met. My only hope is that I can become half the woman she is - I love her more than anything in the world.
81. Family is extremely important to me, and I am so blessed to live only 10 minutes from my parents - Brad and I eat dinner at their house at least once a week (my mom is such a good cook!)
82. I am an advocate for adults - I believe there are so many adults who have been overlooked in their lives - I assist adults in getting their GED, finding a job, or brushing up on job skills. I believe that if you impact an adult, you impact their WHOLE family, including their children.
83. I am a member of the Junior League of Murfreesboro. I am the youngest member in the whole league! I love serving others, and I love that Junior League helps me do that!
84. I am chairing "Kids in the Kitchen" next year for Junior League - Kids in the Kitchen empowers youth to make healthy lifestyle choices and helps reverse the growth of childhood obesity and its associated health issues. It's a big job, but I'm extremely excited about the opportunity!
85. I love writing thank you notes. I love writing notes period. I love to randomly send a card to someone to let them know I am thinking about them.
86. I love getting mail. Everyday when I come home, I always ask Brad about what we got in the mail!
87. I love my quiet time in the mornings. Most mornings, I wake up about 30 minutes before Brad - I get my shower and have my quiet time with God.
88. Right now, I'm doing the study "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World." I love to ask women who they relate with more - Mary or Martha?
89. The majority of women say Martha - we should all strive to be more like Mary!
90. I love etiquette. I want to get my etiquette certification so I can become a certified etiquette expert. I would love to consult individuals, children and businesses on the importance of etiquette.
91. I love to learn something new every single day. I do that a lot at my job.
92. I was first hired at United Way as a temporary worker - I was a communications assistant.
93. I was at the right place at the right time, and I was hired on full-time at United Way in April of last year.
94. I adore my boss - she's motivating, determined, driven, and full of life. She's such a good role model to myself and my co-workers.
95. My boss is also an ADPi - she was a senior when I was a freshman. Another one of our co-workers is an ADPi, too. OBIC, sisters.
96. ADPi was founded in 1851 as the first secret society for women - ADPi was founded on the priciples of scholarship, service, leadership, sisterhood and Christian womanhood - I didn't appreciate the foundation of Christian womanhood like I do today.
97. I love my Lord and Savior with every breath in my being. I am nothing without Him.
98. I love to pray - I keep a small journal in my purse so I can write down prayer requests and praises.
99. I am not perfect by any means, but I try to live my life every. single. day for the Lord.
100. I am blessed beyond my means, and I am truly grateful for everything and everyone in my life!

**I cannot believe I just posted 100 things - and YOU READ THEM!!!!

Blessings - looking forward to posting hundreds of more times!


  1. Wow! That's quite a list! Enjoyed reading all the neat things about you! I have a Jetta too and I love it!

  2. I love to read too! And my soon to be husband, does not. Though we both love sports. What a great list! I feel I know so much more about you :)

  3. Oh Lena, that was just a beautiful list. We would be such great friends if we lived close. However, I am not an ADPI but a Pi Phi...greek either way, right. You are just a sweet soul and I am so glad that you shared these things with us.

  4. Of course I did! I loved your list Le truly are an inspiration. Hip Hop Classes...count me in! I was a RHS halftimer for a short while.

  5. I loved this entry!!! This is so creative.

    I was touched by #19-23. My youngest sister had severe endometreosis and she now has a 17 month old. Don't give up.

    I thought #25-27 was hillarious.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.

  6. Loved learning about you! I'm actually getting a Jetta in May after I am done with graduate school.

  7. All 100 were very interesting! We have a lot in common!

  8. What a cool post! Diamonds are forever <> L&L - EC