Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Model for a day.

Today was such a beautiful day, and I was reminded of another beautiful day last May - no, not my wedding...the day I made my bridal portraits!
My wedding photographer does a lot of fashion stuff, so I for real felt like a model during my bridal portrait. It was such a fun time getting my hair done, make-up done and putting on all the wedding jewelry and attire for the first time. We spent about 3 hours taking pictures - my photographer took over 400! And I love every single one of them!
I love my dress so much, and I would so put it on tomorrow and do it all again - although I doubt I would fit in it. Looking at all these pictures motivates me to get back into shape! Ha! When my mom, grandmother and I went to view all the pictures to pick my actual portrait, I had a hard time really believing that it was me in the to the wedding day, this was the best thing about getting married! Here are a few of my favorite shots (all photos property of Chuck Arlund) -
I had my portraits made at a Civil War-dated plantation here in Murfreesboro called Daffodil Hill. The owner of the house is a family friend, so he was gracious enough to let us use his BEAUTIFUL Southern home!
This was the first picture Chuck took.
This was one of my mom's favorites - I love the orange chaise and the color of the room.
This is a picture of Daffodil Hill - I am standing on the balcony. I just love this house!
Outside the house.
This picture is taken outside of another Southern mansion in Murfreesboro - Oaklands Mansion. Most people think Chuck made my veil look like this - I actually had to throw it up and immediately pull my hands down. I kept laughing the whole time - I love the "floating veil" look!
This was actually one of the last shots Chuck got - I just sat down on the front steps of Oaklands and told him to take my picture. I think he got my true personality in this one - I had actually taken my shoes off by this point. This was my favorite picture, and it is the one we chose for my portrait. (can you see my toes poking out??)

I truly felt like a model during this time - you can see some of my other pictures here from a previous post. I will actually post more pictures of the wedding and memories from that day closer to our anniversary...I can't believe it has almost been a year!

During the entire day, I kept thinking about the next time I would be wearing my dress - the day that I would be marrying my best friend, and I seriously could not stop smiling!

So I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane with me!

Blessings, y'all!


  1. Those pictures are precious! Thank you for sharing. You look so beautiful and so happy in every picture!

  2. chuck is so fabulous and you look amazing in these pictures. i photographed a wedding at kirby's this past summer and it is one of my all time favorites. such charm. i took the bride's photo by the fountain and there was a little frog sitting there sunbathing. it was like he was just waiting to be kissed and turned into a prince!

  3. What a stunning bride you were! I love the picture you chose. Its just so natural and happy.

  4. Lena, you are soooooo beautiful!!!! The pictures are amazing. I love love love that you got them taken around old furniture and southern style. I will have to remember that! you photographer was amazing!!!! I am sooooo glad that you posted these!!! I love them!!!!

  5. The last picture is my FAVORITE! You can just feel how happy you are!

  6. i love the last one! you look gorgeous :)

  7. I love your pictures! I also did mine outside -- The Dallas Arboretum and I loved it! I have a couple of the floating veil -- but mine was from wind! I kept thinking mine was going to fly out.

  8. Love your pictures! You looked so beautiful! I love that house also!