Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where have I been???????

So, my sweet bloggy friend, Caroline, asked for an here it is!
I apologize for my lack of posting, I was sick on Monday with a nasty stomach virus, felt better on Tuesday, and today I feel worse than I did on Monday - YUCK. As I am posting, I'm in my cozy bed with sprite and saltine crackers within my reach. Ha!
So here is a breakdown of what I've been doing...
Friday was my birthday, and it was such a fabulous day! So many of my old friends were in town for Easter, and I was so excited to see so many of them! I had a wonderful birthday lunch at Goodness Gracious complete with fruit tea, chicken puffs, tortellini salad and pineapple and cheese casserole - the best part was that April got to come along as well, and I got an especially wonderful gift from her...
This is one of her adorable button rings that she gave me - you can purchase them HERE. I love it, April!
Brad's parents sent me The Patriarchs - I was so excited to open it as I have NOT been able to find it here! Thank you, Marcia and Ron!
My family took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant that night - here I am, complete with sombrero and sopapilla!

On Saturday, I cleaned the house because Brad and I were hosting Easter lunch at our home. We did a lot of work outside (mowed our yard for the first time!), and it was BEAUTIFUL outside. Too bad the warm weather didn't stick around for Easter Sunday. I also volunteered at church with nursery duty. My church had two services for Easter this year, and one was on Saturday night, so I volunteered with the 3-year olds. We had 10 three-year olds in my cube, and there were over 97 three-year olds there for the entire night! It was a packed night for a first ever Saturday night Easter celebration!

On Sunday, we celebrated Easter at our annual Easter Celebration - each Easter, my church has Easter service at the local university basketball arena, we invite the whole community, and it is a HUGE celebration of Christ! This year was no different!

Here I am with my mother and grandmother. Notice my cute jacket? That was a gift from my sweet husband for my birthday - I LOVE it, Brad!

Brad and I at the Easter Celebration.

We always have a special guest at the Easter Celebration - this year Diamond Rio was our special guest! I'm not a huge fan, but they were great! They are actually releasing a Christian album sometime this year. Here's a picture of Diamond Rio - sorry the picture is a little dark!

After the service, everyone came back to our house for lunch. And what Easter lunch is complete without an EASTER EGG HUNT??? Here is the front of my house with some hidden eggs....can you find them?

Brad was in charge of hiding eggs in the front yard, so most of the eggs were impossible to find. Tessa did find this one...

We hid over 250 eggs for two kids - how crazy are we???? They did have a blast, and they were looking cute as always! Here they are after the egg hunt.

After finding eggs, we decided to break out the sidewalk chalk and play a little hopscotch. Pretty sure I was AMAZING! Ha!

After hopscotch, we started tracing each other with the sidewalk chalk. Here I am with Tessa and the tracing of my body that she did - see the resemblance???

We had a FABULOUS Easter weekend, and I had an amazing birthday. Thank you for all the sweet wishes! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings, y'all!


  1. I am sorry that you are still feeling a little icky. I hope you feel better soon!

    I am glad you had a Happy Easter! The egg hunt looked like fun.

  2. I hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for the update! It looks like you had a great Easter weekend!! I love the sidewalk chalk :)

  3. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I am so glad you updated us. You were missed. ok so much to say about that post...

    1. the first picture with your bangs back is sooooooo cute and i can see your necklace looks cute too!!!

    2. I love that your church has a big community thing. I will have to remember that. So glad you had a good easter.


    4. and lastly...boooooooo on being sick. sorry dear. the stomach thing is terrible. lay low and recover!!!!!!

  4. What cute pictures!! Please feel better :)

  5. are you feeling today?????

  6. I love your Easter jacket. I hope you are feeling better.

  7. You've been busy!! I hope you start feeling a little better soon!

  8. Glad you updated!
    LOVE the green and white jacket - so cute!
    You will LOVE the patriarchs - it is SOOO good!
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  9. Please tell me how Brad picked out that cute jacket for you!! He needs to give some serious tips to Clint! Ha! Hope you are feeling better.

  10. OMG. 250 eggs? All I can think about is the scene in Steel Magnolias where Ouiser slammed the trunk down on all their eggs!