Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mama's Day 2012

I absolutely love Mother’s Day (or as I call it, Mama’s Day).  
A whole day devoted to mamas…c’mon, that’s just the bee’s knees!  
I had a great day with my little family – even though rain and allergies and sinus infections threatened our day!  It was a gloomy, rainy day, or as Miss Annie Louise says, “mama, ainin”.  We went to my parents’ house for lunch (ham and rolls, come to mama) – my Granny & Papa also joined us, as well Kiki and Ron (my sister, Katy, and her husband, Ryan).  
It was a full house, and Miss Annie Louise was the star of the show!
She definitely loves to be the center of attention singing her songs, rocking her babies and giving lots of kisses.  My child was born to be on a stage!
Anyways, you’re probably wondering what my sweet doodlebug got me for Mama’s Day…especially after LAST YEAR’S amazing gift.  
Well, she did really well (with daddy’s help)!  I received a gift card from my favorite spa to use for a manicure-pedicure and another sweet book with pictures and thoughts.  Seriously, my hubby goes above and beyond on Mama’s Day.  I told him I wanted to take both books and get them bound so that I can look at them easily and often!
I love love love sentimental gifts!

And I also received this adorable bunny painting that AL made at Wee School….seriously, can this be any cuter?
I had a fabulous weekend with my precious family, thanking God over and over for getting to be mama to this amazing little gal.  I also said lots of prayers for my sweet friends that are longing and praying to become mamas or have lost their precious babies all too soon – I know this day isn’t easy, as I’ve been in that spot, too.  But I know how our Lord is so faithful!  
I love this verse, especially for such a blessed day…
"Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies."
- Psalm 36:5

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