Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A fresh coat of paint.

I always said when I was a little girl that I wanted a yellow house. Well, I was thinking more on the lines of a huge, doll house-like yellow house with a huge wrap around porch and all the trimmings, but that'll have to wait. Anyways, when we bought our new house, I was absolutely thrilled that it was painted a light shade of yellow - with mocha brown shutters. I love it! However, when we moved in, I didn't think the stark white front door matched the "cuteness" that is our house. And what do you do if you don't like the color of something??? CHANGE IT! I'm a huge fan of paint - spray paint in particular. I have a little wicker coffee table that I have spray painted a different color THREE times! I love how you can change the whole look of something with a fresh coat of paint.

So, off to Lowe's I went with my gift card in hand to look over paint samples. I didn't want anything too bright or drastic, but I definitely wanted it to stand out. My mom suggested an orange-rust color to match the rest of the warm tones - and to make the brown shutters stand out more. I grabbed every orange-rust color I could find - and I finally found the perfect shade.

And for goodness, wouldn't you know I forgot what it was called? Pretty sure it was "harvest orange" or something like that.

After four coats of paint, Brad and I finally finished our front door last night, and we even had enough paint to cover the bench that my grandfather made for us! And you know what? I absolutely love it! I didn't have my camera with me last night, but I will definitely take a picture so y'all can see it! So, next time you're pondering throwing away something or perhaps even buying a new piece - look it over and imagine it with a fresh coat of paint! Trust me, you'll save a bundle!

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