Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sewing is testing my patience...

At the end of the summer, I bought a sewing machine at Target. It was the cheapest sewing machine there, and because I'm a beginner, I thought it would work all right for me. If there is a stage before beginner, then that's me. I took sewing classes through 4-H during the summer when I was in middle school, but the main things we made were boxer shorts and pillows. And I remember that being very hard for me. Anyways, I thought I would give it a try again, especially because I want to learn to make curtains and whatnot.

My mom (who is perfect at EVERYTHING) calls herself a "learning again" beginnner, and she has been playing around with the sewing machine at her house. We went to Hancock Fabrics one day and found loads of easy fleece patterns for ponchos and skirts, and since we are always spoiling my five year old cousin, Tessa, we decided to try out a poncho pattern for her. My mom made THE CUTEST poncho last week for Tessa while I was at work. Well, if it was that easy for her, SURELY I can do it. Misty, one of my co-workers, has three absolutely precious girls, and I thought it would be precious if they all had a poncho in their favorite color. Mom bought the fleece, thread and rick rack yesterday, and I was determined to try and make one.

Well, it was an awful experience. It's hard for me to watch my mom sew and try to mimick her (since I'm left-handed) - I have to try and do everything backwards, and I get all confused. Needless to say we nearly finished Zoe's green poncho - I just have to run to Hancock today and get some purple thread for her purple rickrack. I'm not going to let this sewing machine get the best of me! I'm determined to practice, practice, practice and hopefully, I'll eventually make something! Until then, I'm going to continue to be my mom's apprentice :)

This is an almost finished product! I can't wait to see all the girls in their ponchos! Too cute for words!

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