Thursday, November 1, 2007

A little Christmas preview...

These pictures may be a little dark, but I'm proud to say that my mother and I worked for 10 and a half hours straight to get The Write Impression in full Christmas mode! Everything looks better in person, so go to The Write Impression in Murfreesboro's historic downtown to see everything firsthand!
The main "pink and green" tree with Vera Bradley paper gifts and assorted gifts as well.

One of the front windows with a traditional red and green tree - as well as the Christmas card display! If you are looking for a cute Christmas card, definitely go to The Write Impression. For the holiday season, there is complimentary imprinting on all Christmas cards!

Another red and green tree that features all of our Magnolia Lane ornaments, as well as all of the Christmas dish towels!

So, I'm completely worn out this morning, but it was so worth it - I love getting to spend one-on-one time like that with my precious mother! (Even though I'm sore as all get out this morning!) Oh, and on my way home, I happen to turn it to my favorite radio station, and guess what? Continuous Christmas music was playing! I love it!

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