Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let the holiday craziness begin!

Things have been INSANELY busy at the Warnock house (as I'm sure it has been at your house as well)! I neglected to do any of my shopping until this past weekend, which was a disaster! I always tell myself that I'm going to get it done early, but I never do. Sometimes, I think I enjoy being pushed around in the hustle and bustle at all the shopping malls! I got 99% of my shopping done, THANK GOODNESS!!!!

Now, my nights have been spent wrapping all of the gifts - which I love! Brad is such a trooper, helping me wrap all of my gifts. I love watching him get so frustrated when it doesn't turn out the exact way he wants - I think I wrapped 5 gifts in the time it took him to wrap 1. I do have an advantage as I have been wrapping gifts at The Write Impression for over a year now!

Tonight starts our crazy Christmas schedule - we have something EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! Tonight is the MidSouth Christmas Party, and I cannot wait to see Brad's co-workers! Tomorrow night is the United Way Christmas Party - which I am hosting (add to the craziness!). Thursday night, I get to meet up with my FAVORITE Junior League gals for dinner! I actually don't have anything planned for Friday night, which means I'll probably spend it packing for our weekend...Brad and I are traveling to Georgia to see his parents and brother for an early Christmas. I actually have all of next week off, and I'm so excited!!!

In all the craziness, I completely forgot about BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes - I plan to post pictures of our house tonight, though! I don't want to miss out on that!

I hope each and every one of you take time out of your crazy schedules to remember why we celebrate this wonderful holiday! Have a blessed day!

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