Friday, December 7, 2007

Merry Christmas and a DRYER New Year!

I completely forgot to tell y'all about the BEST gift I got on Wednesday morning. Santa arrived in the morning via a Lowe's delivery truck, and he brought a much-needed gift.....

Actually, the gift was an early Christmas present from Brad's parents!

We had an okay washer and a HORRIBLE dryer at our last house, and when we moved we decided we would just LEAVE THEM THERE! Ha, our dryer was so loud that you could hear it on the other side of the house. Not to mention, it took about 3 hours to dry one load of clothes! Anyways, my parents gave us a fairly new washer when we moved into the new house, but we have gone the past month without a dryer - and it's been hard. I love to do laundry - especially fold clothes, so it's been a difficult thing. I've pretty much been doing all of my laundry at my momma's house.

So, Brad's parents decided that they would buy us a new dryer for Christmas, and I L-O-V-E that thing! It's so quiet, and I've been doing laundry like I'm the laundry queen! I don't think there are any dirty clothes in the house! THANK YOU to the Warnocks for making me love laundry again!

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