Thursday, December 20, 2007

United Way Christmas Party

Last night, Brad and I opened our home for the United Way Staff Christmas party, and it was SO much fun! Here are pictures from the evening....

The hosts, Brad and Lena!

Brandy (our social work intern) and her son, Nathaniel!

Misty and her daughter, Grayson! Grayson's birthday is this weekend, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Rachel and her husband, Justin (our fabulous realtor)!

Kathy and her husband, Jason!

Holly and her husband, Jason!

There's Aurelia with Sharon and her husband, Rick!

There's sweet Ruth and her husband, Frank!
Here's everyone chatting away before dinner!

All of our wonderful food!
Now's the time for DIRTY SANTA!!! Brad had number 1, so he started off the game!

Rachel and her lovely gift (which I later stole because someone stole mine!!!!)
Justin looks pretty excited about those dish towels!!!
And so begins the war with the wreath that my mom and I made! Kathy opened it first...
But she would soon have to open another gift, because the wreath was stolen by HOLLY! Holly then made her husband steal the wreath so it would be "safe" for them! All-in-all, it was a fun game of Dirty Santa!
Here's the whole United Way gang!
Here's everyone looking for the pickle ornament on the tree (I'll explain later...)
And the proud owners of the wreath are....HOLLY AND JASON! I hope you enjoy your beautiful wreath this holiday season :)

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